St. George Street By: Nik

When I was in St. Augustine on Saint george Street I could feel that place was going to be fun.I also loved the sights,sounds and shops.
Some of the amazing things on St George Street were the sights they were much different from naples.The things in the stores were so cool they had swords,magic,dart guns and so much more.The magic so many tricks i’ve never seen before.The swords some were so heavy I thought they were real.Me and my dad were both very interested in the dart guns some were so big some were so small I could fit them in my pocket.The second thing I’ll tell you about is the sounds.
When on saint george street I heard people talking,laughing and trying to sell pizza and much more.I heard trolleys and cars.I heard babies crying kids running around.It was so cheerful everyone was so happy you could just hear it.The third thing I will tell you about is the stores.

My trip to st. Augustine.

The stores are everywhere in alleys,big hall ways,in carts,second stories just about anywhere you can think.There were so many shops I’ve never seen before. Magic shops,replica guns shop hand carved rings. In just five minutes it was so cool!I got a ring that said to cool.
St. George Street was the highlight of my trip! I hope I could go there again.

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