The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow

Some of you may have seen windows in your local area adorned with beautiful rainbows; a symbol of thanks to our amazing NHS. The aim of this is to put a smile on everyone's faces and remind us all that things will get better... and it is a great way to keep the kids entertained!

Aiimi got involved straight away with this great initiative. It was chance for us to all get creative with the kids, the pets, or even our other halves! The results were fantastic...

A crafty bunch

Luna and Char are big crafters (which is no surprise to the Aiimi team!!). As you can see Luna is using glitter how it should be used...in abundance!

We really love the dinosaurs holding this amazing picture down. Lets be honest for all we know they could actually be back...we've been inside for so long that anything's possible.

This carefully painted picture perfectly represents that the brightest rainbows often follow the darkest storms.

Quite possibly the coolest window in the neighbourhood, it's no surprise this submission comes from one of our creative team. Jo and her daughter Lola used chalk pens for their creation if you were interested in having a go yourself!

Some beautiful scenes from Stacie's household. We'd love to actually be in these pictures with our friends right now.

Dubbed a "mini-me" by the Aiimi team, it's clear to see that enthusiasm runs in the Millbrow family.

And last but not least the O'Farrell's rainbows - lovely work guaranteed to put a smile on people's faces as they walk past their window.

Get involved

We’re putting a call out for any of our customers, partners and friends to share their #StayHome rainbows with us. If your kids have been crafting, share their work with us and we’ll publish it here for them to see their talents on display.

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