Geology Paleontology

Hi everyone, we are Beatriz Gomes, Sara Cruz, Sara Serra and Sofia Pic√£o and we're in our last year of high school. We live in the home country of the best football player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. Here in Portugal we have lots of beautiful monuments, breathtaking beaches and the most important thing: a unique gastronomy. Each of us actively takes part in cultural and leisure activities (including volunteering), some of which we've had the oportunity to participate in thanks to our school. For example, we've been to the European Parliament through the Euroscola contest and every year around Christmas we donate food to our fellow students

December 2016

We were introduced to the project by our teacher, who suggested a number of subjects inserted in Geology. These were randomly assigned to the previously formed groups. This didn't allow us to get the one that had caught our eye and made us lose a bit of the initial excitement. The subject we got was paleontology. Our main goal with this project is to raise awareness of the impact paleontology has in our lives, which is often overlooked.

January 2017

We gathered to do some research on the subject, as well as decide how we want to approach paleontology in a fun and interactive way. Sofia suggested we recreated an excavation site using a sand box. The rest of the group was on board and immediately started listing the necessary material and sketching what it would be like. We also agreed that it would be fun for the children to take home a mold of a fossil which they had made themselves out of play dough.

February 2017

We met up in our school's library, to continue researching. A Biology teacher noticed what we were doing and offered to help. We told her our plan and she advised us to try something else, since the sandbox idea would be really difficult to execute. We we're a little discouraged by this, but had to acknowledge she was right. So we decided to keep it simple, and dig an actual hole on the ground. We chose a location in the premises and then headed to the school's Biology and Geology lab to see what material we had at our disposal. Around it, we divided work in order to make our presentation: Sara Serra will focus on the different types of fossils and stages of fossilization, Sara Cruz will do further research on how to recreate an excavation site and the basic steps to conducting scientific archaeological excavations, Sofia will be investigating what the procedures the artefacts undergo once they arrive at the lab and Beatriz will learn more about how paleontology contributes to the field of evolutionary biology focusing on human evolution. We discussed these ideas with our teacher, who gave us the green light.

March 2017

We went to a Geology Congress! It took place in the University of Coimbra, the oldest university in the country. It was an extremely enriching experience which allowed us to learn more about our topic.

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