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Featured this week:

  • District-wide Elementary: 5th Grade Band Students.
  • Colorado Elementary: Students Dab for Devin!
  • Colorado: ELL, TAG, Primary Readers, and 5th Grade P.E.!
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Clemens' Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Van Hemert's 4th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Grant's Student Leadership Team.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Gladwell's New Birthday Tradition for Students.
  • Jefferson Elementary: A Special Gift.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Miss Lindsey's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Madison: Mrs. McGill's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Mulberry: Mrs. Green's Kindergarten Class.
  • CMS: Mrs. Duffe's 6th Grade Math Class.
  • CMS: United Way's Day of Caring.
  • WMS: 8th Graders Making a Difference.
  • MHS: Mrs. Kelsey's, Mrs. Wells' and Ms. Robison's Special Education Classes.
  • MHS: Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)
  • MHS: Mr. Gehret's ALC Class.
  • MHS: Mrs. Long's Physical Education Class.
  • MHS: Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Sneed's Industrial Tech Classes.
  • MHS: Mighty Muskie Football.

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Beginning Band students got off to a Super Start with a Super lesson, Tuesday, September 13 at MHS. Beginning band students had the help of 8 instructors and several MHS band students.

Elementary Band students during their Super Lesson at MHS.


The entire Colorado Elementary Family came together to honor one of our brave students who is battling cancer at the University of Iowa Hospital. We want him to know we miss him and think of him every day. Devin: "We gladly "Dab for You" every chance we get. Love ya, Buddy."

For more information on this awesome kid and his amazing story, check out his Facebook page "Dab'n for Devin."

Colorado students showing support for one of their classmates.

Colorado students have been busy! Pictured below are some of Colorado's English Learner students with EL teacher Mrs. Chatman as they participate in small-group support (photo on the left); Colorado's fifth grade Talented and Gifted Students wrapped up their week of instruction with Mrs. Carlson (top photo on right); a group of primary students practiced their phonics skills with a 95% lesson led by Mrs. Goddard (right, bottom left); and It's great to see the smiles of the fifth graders during one of their activities in PE (right, bottom right)!

Lots of learning (and fun!) taking place at Colorado!


Kindergarten students in Miss Clemens' class at Franklin worked hard together and independently this week on math and alphabet activities!

Kindergarteners in Miss Clemens' class at Franklin learned about math and beginning reading concepts.

Fourth graders in Mrs. Van Hemert's class worked hard on reading fluency. They also had a guest reader, Principal Wester!

Students in Mrs. Van Hemert's 4th Grade class.


Below is Grant's Student Leadership Team for the 2016-17 school year!

Grant's Student Leaders

School Secretary Mrs. Gladwell and Sofia celebrate Sofia's birthday! Mrs. Gladwell started a new birthday tradition at Grant. The students get serenaded by our singing "Happy Birthday" monkey! It puts a smile on everyone's face!

Mrs. Gladwell and the birthday girl with the birthday monkey!


Jefferson Elementary recently received a bronze bust of Thomas Jefferson. This special gift to Jefferson School was made possible by current Board Member, Randy Naber, and retired Jefferson/Franklin Social Worker, Jeanne Johnson.

Thomas Jefferson now resides at Jefferson Elementary!

Third graders in Miss Lindsey's class played a singing game during music class this week.

3rd Graders in Miss Lindsey's class during music class.


Madison Third Graders in Mrs. McGill's class went on a seed search. The students looked at the seeds and learned ways in which seeds are dispersed.

Mrs. McGill's 3rd graders learning about seeds.


Kindergarteners in Mrs. Green's class at Mulberry celebrated National Play-Doh Day!

Who doesn't like Play-Doh?


Sixth graders in Mrs. Duffe's math classes have been studying how to use tape diagrams to find equivalent ratios. This week students had the opportunity to create real life tape diagrams while taking advantage of the beautiful weather. They then used sidewalk chalk to draw the mathematical models that corresponded to the real life enactment.

Mrs. Duffe's 6th graders made tape diagrams to find equivalent ratios.

If you'd like to know more about tape diagrams, you can visit this site to watch an informative video:

CMS students gave back to the community by participating in United Way's Day of Caring.

What a great way to give back to the community! Thank you, Central students!


On Wednesday, September 14th West Middle School had thirty-one eighth grade students volunteer for the sixth year at the Veterans TEE Tournament in Riverside, IA. Every year 200+ visually and physically impaired veterans come from 40 different states to participate in horseback riding, kayaking, golf, and many other activities. Our students helped with the horseback riding, kayaking, golf and served lunch. They definitely made a difference!

WMS 8th Graders making a difference in the lives of others!


The students from Mrs. Kelsey's, Mrs. Wells' and Ms. Robison's classes explored Camp Courageous in Monticello, Iowa on Monday, September 12th. The experience included hiking, a petting zoo, games, and lunch. It was a great opportunity to see the camp, polish our communication skills, and try new things.

Mrs. Kelsey's, Mrs. Wells' and Ms. Robison's student enjoyed exploring new learning activities at Camp Courageous!

Students Against Destructive Decisions - S.A.D.D. met last week to prepare for their involvement with the 7th annual Muscatine Community Block party which took place last Friday evening at Discovery Park.

The MHS Students Against Destructive Decisions Committee.

Students in Mr. Gehret's ALC (Advanced Learning Center) classes worked online for credit recovery and learning support. ALC is a great opportunity for students to receive one-on-one help from teachers from many different areas of education.

ALC students in Mr. Gehret's classes working online with support from teachers and aides.

Students in Mrs. Long's Physical Education class got to experience canoeing at Discovery Park!

Physical education is more than running, weights, etc. Students in Mrs. Long's P.E. class got to experience canoeing!

On Wednesday, 42 MHS industrial technoloy students along with their teachers Mr. Mayer and Mrs. Sneed with representatives from HNI: Lindsey Petersen, Mark Fortenbacher, Russ Hillman, Levi Wrieden, and Robert Allbee, took a trip to Chicago to the IMTS trade show and STEM Summit. Students at the summit got to design their own rocket, 3-D print, and then launch their rocket. There were several of other hands-on displays that the students got to participate in. The convention was held in 4 different buildings, each building had three floors of displays, over 1.3 million square feet! Students got to interact with the manufacturers of state of the art equipment, from CNC machine, robots, automotive industry, NASA, welding to name a few. One of the favorite machines was an engraver that was engraving portraits into eggs, Will Smith and Michael Jackson where just a few. The new cars and automobiles are always a big attraction. Several cars are prototyped on 3-D printers that were then printed out as a new car just for this show. Students had a great time! HNI and the Industrial tech department are planning to do the trip again when it comes back in two years. Thank you HNI for this amazing experience!

Industrial Tech students got to participate in Chicago's IMTS Trade Show thanks to HNI!

The Muskie Football team earned a hard fought victory at home last week against Pleasant Valley. The Muskies travel to Eldridge tonight to play the Lancers of North Scott. Be Bold & wear Gold tonight! Go Muskies!!

The Mighty Muskies vs. Pleasant Valley!

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