Sannu Safari morning kodi walks

Kodi in October

Temperatures are dropping, mornings are misty

We all signed up with Sannu Guide for a morning walk. We were warned it would be exhausting and treacherous

With caps and hoodies and equipped with the latest climbing gear, we set out on our journey in the wee hours of the morning

We brought our refreshments with us

And had a camera crew along

The path was slippery and slushy

With lots of ups and downs

We took the right path all along

But had an eerie feeling of being watched

We crossed wide and mighty rivers

And great waterfalls, too

We visited our own Not-So-Grand Canyon

And places man has been before

The brilliant sun was shining throughout

Coffee seeds were at their brightest

Our guide was very informative

We all had a wonderful time

But throughout, we knew we were being watched

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myhatisbrown, warmandfrosty

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