Płaszów Emma Fimbres & DesIrEE Sedano

Płaszów was a concentration camp established in December 1942. It was located in Kraków above a Jewish cemetery. The camp was surrounded by an electrified fence and was divided into many sections. About 20,000 people were held in the camp at a time. This place started off as a forced labor camp, however, it later became a concentration camp because the prisoners worked to their death, there wasn't enough food to supply all the prisoners, and the camp reached its maximum size in 1944. The lives of the prisoners in this camp were usually ended before 4 weeks of their stay there and were spent miserably. The people who ran the camp were under the authority of the SS and police leaders from Krakow. On January 18, 1945 the camp was evacuated and the prisoners were forced on the Death March. More than 150,000 Jews and minorities were held in Plaszow.

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