"The Divine" An Experience at Constan's Theater By David Mara

Spatial Experience

I had a truly special seat with my friends in the pit of the theater. Getting to the theater early allowed deep immersion when the audience quieted and the lights dimmed. My immersion allowed for me to see and understand tiny details of dirt and lack of dirt on particular characters. My spatial experience was further enhanced by the entrancing effect of spinning to see Bernhardt striding across the floor and stage.

Social Experience

My social experience mostly came from the two friends I came with. None of us knew about how the play was unfold and come intermission we had a lot of meaningful discussion about the themes portrayed to us in the first half. As the second act came to a close the talk backs ended, we all felt compelled to discuss the development over some ice cream. Overall seeing the play with others allowed us to share and rethink views brought to light in the play.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

In the Early Twentieth Century, it was industrial era Canada and what right, what is wrong and is what is best wildly varied by perspective. This concept is one taken for granted when it is not close to you personally and slammed into your face in dramatic fashion. I personally felt a connection through the disconnect through the realization of this concept on my mostly homogeneous middle class upbringing. Seeing the differences of stakes each of the characters facing or causing the conflict. Leaving the play, I feel the challenge to be a more sensitive being to the world around me.

The Emotional Experience

Emotionally the play covers multiple aspects of abuse particularly child and financial abuse throughout the development of the play. Throughout the play compounding conflicts allowed me to make personal decisions and see the often negative consequences of my thoughts. Through to the climax I was able to see the light at the end of a hopeful decision after a line of shallower decisions. I was given an opportunity to reflect on katharsis and deepen my understanding of the human condition.

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