Piano Healing Day / Tim Schlamminger / 22 August / 21:00 CET FESTIVAL / 2021

Tim has been passionately playing piano since he was 7 years old. He possesses a classical education, but from an early age he learned to express emotions on the piano, diving deeper and deeper into the field of perception and have never again played the piano according to notes.

Tim has been in several countries to learn more about the connections between body, mind and soul from different spiritual masters. He has been training for 7 years with a Chinese TAO master, who transmitted the purest energy into his hands, allowing a broader healing frequency when playing the piano.

In this event, Tim will unite us in his piano healing, which is attuned to the more to the natural heart rate of 432Hz.

For the most optimal experience of this live event it is recommended that you wear headphones or play the sound through a good sound system.


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