Sitting in the fire fast for reflection, healing and rebirth

reflection 14

Nacho Flores: Don't be afraid

I started to become involved with New Sanctuary Movement in May of 2012. I took a leadership course with them, and thanks to them I’ve had the chance to help many people who needed information about their rights. From then to now, I’ve met many people through NSM, and I rallied with them in front of the White House in 2013.

Lately I’ve been more removed from NSM’s activities because of the hours I work. As a matter of fact, I’m working at the South Philly community radio station — Philatinos — thanks to NSM. Edgar Ramirez interviewed me [about NSM-related news] and I stayed on, working there. That radio station was made for the community. My program is called El Show de Nacho Flores, and is broadcast via internet [as part of Philatinos’ programming].

A battlefield

The first time I left Veracruz for the U.S. (in 2006) it was with the illusion of building a better future. My family is all in Mexico, and it’s very violent there now. Those who have neither livelihood nor provide benefit to the community have turned it into a battlefield.

I intend to return to Veracruz, even though it is difficult to save enough to do so between paying bills here and what I send to my country...

But here we have nothing that is certain. They have us in the shadows.

The most important fight is for immigration reform that recognizes the economic potential of immigrants. If it were possible to pay a certain amount to be here legally, I would pay it with pleasure. With 11 million undocumented immigrants in the nation, can you imagine what sort of money that would bring in?

Fasting as protest

This 40-day fast is the first fast I’ve done in concert with NSM. I’m thinking of fasting for a week. I do it as a protest, to call the politicians’ attention. A group fast is way to show that there many of us — not simply those who work for or with NSM — who want immigration reform.

I’d like to propose that this invitation [to fast] go out to many people — to say that we are willing to do what we need to do to see immigration reform enacted.

I know many people who are afraid. But I tell you: Don’t be afraid.

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