After the Unsinkable sinks! The story about Anna. By:Millie Jane Mobley

April 16th, 1912! On the Lifeboats!

Waking up at 5:00 in the morning is not the happiest sight when you see me waking up that early. Also when I like went to bed about at 3:00. Last night I saw about 1,503 people died. I even saw my friends, Olivia, dad die. She cried and cried and cried and cried and cried for hours. I was very spawny that my dad was already in New York, but it was sad to see all of my other friend's dad going down with the boat to. My brother was crying when he saw his best friend go down with the boat to.

By the way my brother's nickname is Jock. We call him that a-lot. When we were about to board the Carpathian, I honked I was so bad. Then my brother honked to.

My mum said ,"It is ok Anna and John. Just get on the boat."

" I know that but, I just think that I am sea sick," said Anna sadly.

"Me too! I don't feel well" said John

As we hopped on the boat I heard people screaming in the distance. My family was spawny that we our rooms were close to the lifeboats. Then right as us and about 10 other people got on the boat the other side of the boat sunk. Then I started to cry because I saw a dog swimming of his life but, he did not make it. We were very spawny that my dog was tiny and did not weigh as much as some other dogs. That were not allowed on the lifeboats. But then some one put me in a bag but I Argy-bargyed them out of it.

Now I am here waiting to get out of the lifeboat and into the Carpatia.

10 minutes later

I can not stand this lifeboat!!!!! This little girl keeps on having a paddy!!! I can not STAND IT! She keeps on yelling! Also the water is splashing me in the face and it is so so so cold! Right now I could get a cup of hot chocolate and poor it on my face and lap. All my brother is doing is taking the mickey all out on that little girl. Then my mom said," Shut your laughing gear." My brother had some marbles to be quiet.

40 minutes later

Now we have arrived at the Carpatia. I can not wait to get in a warm soft bed. With warm sheets and a warm shower. Right now me and my brother just need to wag off time.

10 minutes later

Now our lifeboat is ready to climb up to get on the Carpathia. Suddenly my mum pulls me and my brother aside tells us.

'' When you get to the top do not run off." said mum harshly.

" Yes ma'am," said John and Anna at the same time.

"OK, and remember that we are so spawny to already have your dad in New York because if he was on the titanic he might of not of made it," mum said sadly.

" I know, and I am glad that he got to go to New York early," said Anna.

" Anna and John there is a lot of people husbands and kid's dads that did not make it so you might hear a lot of crying," said mum softly so that no one could hear her.

Then right after my mom stopped talking we were able to aboard the ship. My brother was scared to climb up the rope ladder on to ship but, I was right behind him waiting to get with him to on the ship. When it was my turn I hope on the rope ladder and acted like the wonderful amazing captain. Then when I got on the top of the ship my mom was climbing on up when she got on the ship she gave up the biggest hug ever. But on the other side of us was a person that steaming with anger about that the crew would not let her husband get on the lifeboats and made him die in the frigid cold water.

Later, when got escorted to our cabin and when we got their we got to stay in a wonderful room but, not as amazing as the rooms on the Titanic. I was fine with that. After, we put our stuff down the intercome came on and said,"We are getting ready to start on the ship."

Now we are on the Carpatia. Getting ready to go to New York! Also she the my blinding dad. My mom and brother were very chuffed about being alive.

One day I saw the Fuzz caring someone else of the restaurant. It was scary. We also heard so rumors about that the bad guy was trying to steal the idiot box. He had some hard cheese. That old lag is going to have a hard time in prison. I beat that he is miffed. Then, he started to paste the fuzz. Then, my friends started to say knees up and everyone started to dance.

The End

Mum: Mom; Spawny: Lucky; Jock: nickname for John; Honk: means to vomit; Argy-Bargy: mean to argue; Paddy: mean temper tantrum; taking the mickey: to tease; Wag off: means to waste time; Steaming: means to have lots of anger; Blinding: means excellent; Chuffed:means very pleased; The fuzz: means the police; Idiot box: means a TV; Hard cheese: mean bad luck; Lag: mean: a person who is in prison; Miffed: upset; Paste: mean to push; Knees up: means to have an act of liveliness; Laughing gear: your mouth; Marbles: good sense;

Created By
Millie Jane Mobley


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