Naples The home of PIZZA!

We had an entire morning to take a quick private explore of Naples. While it was a cool morning, the city was alive and vibrant. After leaving the port, it was a very short walk past the very massive "New Fort."

The Castle Nuovo, was the home of Charles I, the King of Sicily. It served as the center of a number of Norman wars between the kingdoms of Sicily and the Hungarians.

The Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the largest squares in Naples and the site of the Sea Francesco di Paola, a magnificent church.

Following our visit to the church, we ventured into the the third largest city in Italy, and 9th largest city in Europe. The old town was quaint with its narrow streets, but we had to keep alert as navigated the busy traffic, zooming scooters and cars, and people out doing a morning stint of Christmas shopping. Our target would be to find a noble establishment to provide us with the "fantastico" pizza de Margherite.

Watch out for that big-headed baby in the crib, or he will pee on you!

Finally, Food fit for a Queen! (or a King)

The original Pizza di Margherite was prepared for Queen Margherite, and is said that it was her favorite food! Oh, by the way, we learned that it was less expensive if we would have eaten on the sidewalk rather than inside. We paid an additional 4 euros for a table setting charge. I guess it was worth it since it was a bitt cool that morning.
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