Ms. Daws' Teacher page

About Me:

Hello, my name is Jordyn Daws. I am in the middle of my second year teaching at Oak Hill Elementary! I am currently a 2nd grade teacher. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in May of 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education!

I am originally from Somerset, Kentucky and just moved home in August of 2017 to pursue a career in teaching. Outside of working with children some of my interest include supporting UK athletics and reading. I have a playful puppy named, Millie.

I am about to start my final semester of graduate school at the University of Kentucky. I am pursuing my Master's in Instructional System Design. Designing, developing, and evaluating instruction are some of the passions I have discovered throughout my career in teaching.

My puppy, Millie!
Millie and I before RAD day at school!

Examples of Lessons Taught:

Some examples of lessons from my first grade class at Oak Hill!

This is my week in focus board. This board lets students know what we are doing each week. The week in focus board covers our big idea of our reading unit and the essential question for the week. I also include the genre that we are discussing and the skill for the week. On the sides It reminds students what good readers do, such as: make predictions, ask questions, and summarize! Skills that we are constantly using as we read through our text.
This is my anchor chart board! I keep all of our important anchor charts that feature our key skills for the week on this board. This anchor chart we created together to discuss key details. This is a difficult concept for 1st grade so going over questions to ask yourself is important.
This was part of a whole group 2D shapes lesson for my first graders. We watched a brainpop on 2D shapes and stopped the video and filled out our chart. As we did this we passed around our shapes and each student was able to hold them and observe their attributes.

Creating summaries in Mrs. Roscoe's 4th grade class!

Examples of I can statements for 4th grade language arts.
Summaries that we created as a class!

Lesson using Duck for President in Kindergarten. Lesson was designed to help students understand the election process! Students used graphic organizer to help them decide who to vote for and then we cast our vote in the voting booth!

Classifying triangles in 4th grade math. This was a great way for students to be able to see the difference between classifying triangles by their angles and by their side lengths..
Progressive verb tense time machine! We made this time machine as a class to represent the different verb tenses! Then students created their own time machine sentences.
Mentor sentence time! This is a great way to review with students! Each day we look at a different part of the sentence and discuss it as a class!

Examples of Lessons Videoed:

This is a whole group lesson over fractions. It was made for my Cycle 3 KTIP observation. It is a first grade math level and includes various levels of question and student engagement. My students love building anchor charts together.

This video is from a book talk that I made for my EDC 339 class. It was made for a kindergarten/first grade level and includes various levels of questioning!

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