Rock and Roll Extraction of stone at menokin

Summer preconstruction work is underway at Menokin. Archaeologists from DATA Investigation spent three days extracting rubble from the NW collapse of the house.

They carefully documented dressed stones, quoins and other architectural elements.

And had a little fun along the way.

This rock wasn't heavy enough for Chris, so he added a Colleen.
DAY ONE : Early in the day, making progress, moving lots of stone.
Later in the day, they had exposed several quoins, some water table and even some belt courses.
Dave (Brown) displays his brute strength moving quoin stones to be mapped.
Thane's turn to display brute strength as the corner is cleaned before mapping the corner of the house.

Underneath the sandstone rubble they discovered some large fragments of industrial stoneware. Colleen was on site helping to document quoins.

A confusing wire-framed object, measuring about 3 ft x 8 ft. Bed? Screen door? Sofa?
End of Day Two
Most stuff moved here. Ooo, organized.
The rest went here.

Day Three: Almost all of the rubble is extracted. The stones that remain will be left in place for the architects to document. Meanwhile, the exterior is cleaned up to prepare for the test units that will be excavated along the exterior of the foundation wall.

End of Day Three - All of the collapse is gone.
The NW corner. Or what's left of it.
The documentation never ends.
Created By
Leslie Rennolds
Photography and copy provided by the DATA team. This presentation was developed by the Menokin Foundation.

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