Why is Otzi the Iceman so Special? By: Bikram

I can inform my audience about Iceman Otzi's background by showing these examples . Otzi was a mummy who was found in Italy. Otzi the Iceman is a Iceman who was found on September 19, 1991 by some tourists named Helmut and Erika Simon, while they were walking on the paths of mountains between Hauslabjoch and Tiesnjoch. They were shocked because the entire corpse was there, which was even surprising for this family. After they gave this to scientists it was, eventually known as the biggest discovery found. Scientists took closer looks at Otzi's corpse and found out that it was 5,300 years old. That meant Otzi was one of the oldest people on Earth in the prehistoric time. Being one of the oldest people on Earth is amazing. Now because of Otzi there is another type of perspective about ancient times Otzi was even alive before the Egyptians, which is absolutely shocking.

The corpse of Otzi body.

I can clearly explain one of the four theories of how Otzi died by showing my learning on this theory. There are many theories that are thoughts on how Otzi had died. My theory is that Otzi was ambushed or attacked by someone because I think Otzi was a higher level hunter in the prehistoric time. A group of people must have planed to attack and ambush Otzi and kill him. That way there would be no higher hunter to rule the place. Also I infer that Otzi was fighting and got stabbed and fought back. After the opponents left he had lost lots of blood ( blood loss ) due to that he must have died. Otzi may have survived if there was a doctor nearby or if he had some support to help fight against the people that came to ambush him. This is not real this is a perspective from using my thinking and my background knowledge.

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