Bob The Fat Water Drop By kira BARTHOLOMEW

Bob is a fat water droplet who lives under a glacier. His favorite thing to do is to eat, but there was one problem.... there was nothing to EAT!!!!!!! He started getting anxious. He was bouncing back and forth in the water, then all of a sudden CHOMP he ate his house. Bob and his family started to look for a new home so they found another glacier to live in.

No matter what glacier they lived under, Bob kept eating his house. His family decided to move into the country "The River". But it wasn't long when Bob got hungry and ate his home again. Bob's mother, Wendy, had a talk with him and told him...

" You need to stop eating our houses. We don't have much more money and we still need to feed your brother, Ted, and your ill father, Dj. " Bob did not say much cause he was cramming a scone into his mouth. He just responded,

''What?.... yeah...ok.... sure ....whatever you say mom." Bob looked over at his mom and she looked liked she was going to cry but Bob just kept cramming scones into his mouth.

Bob did not listen to his mom and ate his house again, luckily they had enough money, and Dj was feeling way better. Their family was able to pack up and take the runoff train to the west side of the lake. Bob kept eating and eating until he got very ill from eating so much food. All of a sudden Bob started to evaporate into the air, Bob turned into conduction while almost touching the clouds. Bob saw his house as he evaporated even higher into the air, Bob started to notice white, puffy clouds.

Up in the sky it was clear and cloudy, Bob thought to himself the sky is as blue as the big ocean. Bob got hungry again but all he could eat was clouds. Since he wasn't used to eating clouds he got so fat and heavy that he precipitated down to earth. Bob wasn't heading to the river he was heading to the to the big ocean . PLOP!!!

Bob loved the ocean but there was one thing he did not like, there was no food. Bob lived in the ocean for about 200 years, there was no food so he got skinnier. He evaporated into the clouds again.

But Bob found something to eat in the clouds and a soon got fat again. This time he precipitated onto land and into the groundwater. It was cold and dirty. Groundwater is dirtier than poop.

Bob lived in groundwater water for 500 hundred years before he was close enough to the surface to evaporate into the clouds once more. This time he was lucky enough that he saw, the groundwater flow subway, that took him into the river where his family still lived. His family was so happy to see him they had a big feast to celebrate his returning. Bob told them his adventures and how he almost starved to death. His and his family ate allot of food that night, and Bob never complained agin.

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