"Coming Out".

I must admit that while I am an advocate for diversity and equality for all human beings, I have been disconnected from understanding the challenges that members of the LGBT community face. As a minority that attended a Predominantly White Institution (PWI), I have had struggles with identity development and celebrating who I am.

After watching this week's videos and reading the assigned readings, I have gain empathy for those in the LGBT demographic. Comparing my identity as a black woman to theirs is hardly doable. Everyone can see that I am black. There is no way I can hide my skin color. However, some of the stories that were shared in the Harvard Business School "It Gets Better" video about what these students go through and feel when trying to get the courage to "come out" to their friends and family is undeniably challenging.

Also, being part of the African American community, I felt that both Dube & Savin-Williams (1999) and Squire & Mobley (2014) was extremely insightful. Unfortunately, black males will endure a lot of disapproval because black culture deprecates homosexuality so much. "Coming out" and being accepted by family and friends is already hard enough, however, "coming out" as a black man and being accepted by friends, family, and your culture can be a greater challenge.

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