Library Newsletter Nov/dec 2021

Respiratory 103 Art Exhibit: Blood Flow Through the Heart

Students in Marcus Stowe's Respiratory 103 class created artwork as part of a class project.

The theme was "Blood Flow Through the Heart"

The art has been on display in the library since the beginning of October.

The art is the first of many exhibits the library hopes to display. Stay tuned for future exhibits.

Anatomage Table Update

The Ivy Tech Lawrence Library has recently received an update to its Anatomage Table. The table contains several 3D cadavers and numerous high resolution regional anatomy scans. The new 8.0 update allows users to see a pregnant version of one of these cadavers, which includes a 31 week fetus. Also included in the update, is a new kinesiology section. This section allows users to play through motions of the shoulder, hip, and knee. Please contact the Lawrence campus library to learn how you can integrate these features into your class assignments.

Café Fusion

Café Fusion was in the Ivy Tech Lawrence Library on Tuesday, November 2nd. Café Fusion offers free drinks to students, faculty, and staff. Student Life was generous enough to setup Café Fusion in the library this time around. Café Fusion is on campus multiple times each semester. Look for announcements on MyIvy for future dates.


Created with an image by RandallBillings - "fall leaves cold"