HTH (Help The Homeless). Tristin Luke GuilianA BEn

Mission Statement: Our organization HTH, helps out the homeless population. The mission statement is to help decrease the homeless population, and help them out with food. Our organization hopes to accomplish decreasing the amount of homeless who are starving.

Problem: Our problem is that homeless people have to rob others in order to survive for their necessities. Many of the homeless end up behind bars because they are forced to commit crimes in order to survive.

HTH, needs the proper attention because homelessness is increasing and becoming a world-wide issue. This issue is becoming larger and affecting an overwhelming amount of people. Move For Hunger, an organization focused on reducing hunger states that "Most people tend to associate food drives with the holiday season. Food Banks, however, face their greatest need during the summer months, when classes end and children are no longer receiving free or reduced-cost meals at school. That's why we urge everyone to hold a summer food drive to make the most impact in your community"(pg 1).

We sell clothing items to raise money to put towards helping out the homeless. Once the money is raised, we take most of the money and buy as much food as we can for the homeless. The other amount of money that we have left we put it towards buying clothing items to sell for more money. This plan will hopefully decrease the amount of homeless hunger, and help out world-wide. The food that we will be supplying to the homeless is canned food items. These canned food items we will buy and distribute from Walmart. We have done research on how it is cheaper to buy canned food items in large quantities.

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