My Time at UF BY: Christopher Hill

Campus Activities

With the second semester of my college life coming to an end, I think back on all the things I've done here and how they've made me a better person. It was a bit overwhelming to see how many activities there were to do here from the Museum of Natural history, to free music concerts. It was here at UF that I did so many activities for the first time whether it be required for a class or if I was invited by friends.

Museum of Natural History
Me at the entrance to the Phillips Center
All-American Rejects concert
Shaving cream fight in Yulee Area
Hanging out with friends downtown

The time just flew by as its already been a year for me in college. I survived but the future is only going to get harder but overall it'll be just as fun. I can't wait to come back to UF in the fall and continue my engineering career!

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