Mrs. Reittinger Math 6th & 7th

Mentor Information
Mrs. Heather Reittinger attended Bowling Green as well as Wright State University, she loves working with children, and she knew she could have a strong impact on lives. So she became a teacher.
Nature of her Job
Mrs. Reittinger faces many major tasks through out her day. But a major task she faces is teaching the State Common Core Standards for Math. To help her with these standards she consults with 3rd- 9th grade math teachers regarding skill and content being taught.
She believes consulting with other teachers is important because you gain an understanding of where your students came from, and hopefully where they are headed. As a district they must stay up to date on any new polices that are made.
Education & Skills Required
Mrs. Reittinger has very good qualities that qualify her to be a teacher, such as communicating with colleagues and students effectively. She believes that researching new ways of learning content and also making learning fun by relating the content to the real-world will help her succeed.
One thing Mrs. Reittinger wish she would have learned before she entered the profession of a teacher, would be how to deal with all of the changes. She has been in education for 15 years and it has constantly been changing.
I asked Mrs. Reittinger how to become licensed in the particular field of teacher, her response was you must attend college and complete all of the requirements for the particular license you are applying for.
Working Conditions & Benefits
Mrs. Reittinger greatest satisfaction as a teacher is watching the students she had in previous years graduate, and walk across the stage to their futures. Living in a district that is K-12 she has the privilege of watching her students grow into young adults.
One thing Mrs. Reittinger would change about her job, would be to allow her to see her Math students longer in the day. She only gets students 45 minutes at a time, which is not enough time to teach all of the concepts required.
I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Reittinger for my middle childhood observation. Mrs. Reittinger was my 6th grade math teacher, and I got to not only learn more about her, that I did not know as a student, but I got to work right along side of her, teaching 6th graders.


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