Ke Lede O Kaminaka Our Lady of Chaminade

Ke Lede O Kaminaka Triptych Icon

The triptych icon based on a Russian prototype done in a Hawaiian motif. The center panel reveals the Blessed Mother Mary dressed in a wide wrap of Kapa cloth imbued with patterns and plants associated with Hawaiian culture and spirituality.

The first set of patters is the Kukui Nut or the Tree of Light and the associations with Christ as the "light of the world" (first set of leaves as seen in the upper part of the wrap).

Next is the Taro, the staple or "bread" of the Hawaiian people (second set of leaves). The Bread Fruit which is a symbol of healing (third set of leaves).

In the two circles above the sun and moon are the monograms for the Mother of God. Tahitian black pearls were donated to represent all the islands. Christ has two Opals to reflect the glory of the rainbow so present in Hawaiian scenery and as the promise of God to Noah to create covenant between heaven and earth.

At the bottom of the wrap are white Hibiscus as the symbol of beauty and purity.Mary rests on top of the Pacific Ocean on a Cherubim floating at her feet.

Two angels with Kahili stand at attention on either side as the heavenly hosts witness the mystery of God becoming human.

The Side Panels

The first side panel reveals Blessed Fr. Chaminade, founder of the Marianist Family and the Society of Mary (Marianist Brothers and Priests).

The second side panel reveals Venerable Marie Thérèse de Lamourous who played a key role in the early foundation of the Marianist Family; and Blessed Adele de Batz de Trenquelléon, founders of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Marianist Sisters).

Commissioned by the School of Humanities, Arts and Designs at Chaminade University in memory of John Matthew Keolamaka'ainnakalahuiokalaniokamehameha'ekolu Lake, Chaminade University of Honolulu's first Kumu-in-Residence

Created By
Bro. Brandon K. Alana, S.M.