5 Themes of Geography by: Jacob esteves


The place where I want to go is Tokyo Japan. The reason why I want to Tokyo is because I'm a big anime fan and anime comes from Japan. The absolute location is 35.7006° N, 139.7726° E. Tokyo is near Kawasaki, Saitama, and Chiba cities. Tokyo is on the eastern part of Japan near Tokyo bay which is near the Pacific Ocean.


The population has 13.62 million people, The climate is mostly humid, The landforms in Tokyo are volcanoes and mountains. The most common plants in Tokyo are cherry blossom trees, there mostly in parks. The total of GDP is 1.2 trillion dollars and it's $84,000 for each person. The currency in Japan is known as yen; the exchange from U.S. dollars would be about 1 dollar = 112.42 yen.

Human/Environment Interaction:

People in Tokyo usually like to build parks, that's how they would interact in the environment. Another reason why they like parks is to have picnics together and to view the cherry blossom trees. They take pride in governmental buildings and 5 star hotels. People in Japan are trying to find a way to reduce the greenhouse gases emissions to change their temperature in the future.


Public transportation is a way that people get to many places. Since there's so many people in Japan that want to use the train that doesn't have enough space, they would have people called "crammers" to push people in the train so more people could get in. The reason people ride the trains because it's the fastest way to travel around the city and it's the most convenient way to get to places. In Tokyo they have 2 airports called Haneda and Narita.


The Tokyo Japan is in the Kanto region which is on the island called Honshu. Japan is on the continent of Asia.


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