Tattoos on the Heart Book Project Zach Camenzind

Chapter 3: Compassion

The theme of Chapter 3 is that we should all have compassion for each and everyone. We should want to help others who are struggling and who need assistance. Sometimes we feel bad, but we don't do our best to try and help. My favorite story in Chapter 3 is the story of Memo. When Memo got back from the visit to Pritchard, he said that people should not live like that. He had compassion for them, because of what they suffered.

Chapter 7: Gladness

The theme of Chapter 7 is to continue to enjoy life, even when negative things can bring us down. We should live with God and we should live our lives how Jesus taught us. My favorite story from Chapter 7 is the story of when Father G was riding his bike. He was riding his bike, and he saw eight gang members and they were bantering back and forth. Then they all stopped, and looked at an owl in awe. I can relate to this story,cbecause we should stop and look around and notice all the amazing things in our life. God's creation is a wonderful thing and we should realize that.

Chapter 9: Kinship

The theme of Chapter 9 is having kinship with everyone or we can not live in harmony. Without kinship, we could not have peace or justice. If kinship was our goal, we would be celebrating justice, not promoting it. We should try to have good relationships with everyone and try to keep all the relationships we have positive. My favorite story was the story of Alex and the flight attendant. Alex said a woman came up to him and he made her cry. He gave her a tour of Homeboy Industries and he told her about the White House and she cried. This story is a very good story, because it shows kinship between the flight attendant and the gang member.

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