Branding By: Sasha and Adam

Google definition: a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name

Basic definition: A brand is a unique symbol such as logos or words that defines something's uniqueness or identity by using specific colors, symbols, words, and font/typography.

Examples of Branding

Anagrama Studios is a international branding, architecture, and software development firm in Mexico City. Not only do they create brands but they also specialize in brand and development of objects and multimedia projects. Their projects range from a simple logo to elegant designs and awesome websites.

Anagrama Studios Staff

Branding is essential to creating a identity for one's business, group, project, etc. Without that, businesses would be just about the same to consumers and they wouldn't be unable to understand what the companies were selling. Describing the seller's personality in simpler terms. Their work is often widely requested by countries all over the world due it creative, beautiful yet simple designs every company needs to represent themselves . Their work appeals to the eyes of consumers. Some of the companies brands that Anagrama has worked for includes Carlotta (bakery) and the Black Cube (museum). These two companies show the techniques they use for technical or psychical designs, showing their talented skills in the process.

Carlotta - This project was for a bakery in Mexico City. The presentation seems a little towards the grownup side and not showing to be "you're family friendly bakery." The use of few colors shows that business is simple yet elegant at the same time. The typography also sells the idea that the business is very classy and takes pride in their work.
The Black Cube


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