Garden Dreams Dream up a garden with your imagination and a yoga mat

Spring is nearly here! What would your garden look like if you planted one?
Sunlight, water and soil are all your seeds need to grow!
Let's dream up a garden, what would you plant? What would it look like? Who would come to visit?

Let's use our imaginations and our yoga mats to dream up a garden!

Pretend your yoga mat is your garden!

What would you plant?

Who would live there? Who would visit?

Try out this list of yoga poses on your yoga mat!

How about a giant cabbage?

Or maybe you want to try and grow some spinach?

Thanks for dreaming about your garden with us! Share your ideas/pictures/drawings with Alaska 4H on Facebook or Instagram!


Created with images by Tim Cooper - "garden path" • Eco Warrior Princess - "As a sustainable gardener, I choose to purchase certified organic seeds to support nurseries that value and protect the environment by avoiding the use and spraying of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers." • Rita Astrovich - "untitled image" • Micheile Henderson - "Creating Happiness" • AndriyKo Podilnyk - "untitled image" • Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • Markus Spiske - "Local instead of Global" • Annie Spratt - "botanical-spring-daytime" • Nurpalah Dee - "Cantik" • Luke Michael - "Little Boy Exploring the Woods" • Jonathan Borba - "untitled image" • Sansern Prakonsin - "portrait girl image" • Kelly Sikkema - "Pictures of the Garden" • toinane - "untitled image" • Jen Theodore - "untitled image"