Define Your Ideal Client with Debra Alison

Finding your ideal client is so important for a successful business. My favorite analogy is that it's like casting a huge net to try to catch everything. Rather, you should be studying what fish you're after and get the specific hooks and bait for that fish. Defining your ideal client is like market research. If you want more clients and more clients that value you, don't waste your time dealing with clients that don't align with your brand.

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Grab a pen & paper and get ready to just jot down whatever comes to mind. The more specific the better! I even assign my ideal client a name and take about "her" like a real person. Often times I'll refer back and see if a new idea or style will resonate with "her."

What is your ideal client's gender?

What is your ideal client's name?

How old is your ideal client?

Are they married? Do they have kids?

What’s their job & income?

What are their hobbies?

What kinds of blogs and magazines do they read?

What do they struggle with in life and business?

Where do they hang out online?

Where do they hang out offline?

Where do they live? Do they move around often?

What stage of life are they in?

What are their key traits or characteristics?

What do they like

What do they hate?

What motivates them?

What is their biggest fear, problem or goal?

Are you ready for your business to lift off?

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Debra Alison

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