Power edTech Weekly November 2, 2020

Welcome to November!

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As we transition to hybrid learning, I am available to help you with getting ready for the challenge of teaching your in-person students alongside the online students! Send me an email, or choose a time that works for you for us to talk about digital resources, classroom logistics, and anything else that comes to mind.

This Week’s Quick Tips!

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Force a Copy

Hyperdocs are a great way to help walk a student through the various stages of an assignment while providing links, templates, and activities for them to accomplish throughout.

I was talking with another teacher and they commented that when they assign the hyperdoc in Google Classroom and “Make a copy for each student” only the hyperdoc gets copied, and not any templates are other linked docs within the hyperdoc. Although frustrating, this makes sense because Google doesn’t crawl through your hyperdoc to see what you’ve included or have the intelligence to know what to make a copy of. Learn more...

Getting Started with Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a powerful extension that can help you and your students capture content on their screens in video or photo formats. Additionally, you can mark up and edit this content for instructional purposes, projects, and more. Learn more...

Using Google Meet for Remote Learning

Google has made a number of improvements to its video conferencing tool Google Meet over the past several months. Due to some limitations (lack of whiteboard, student's ability to join a meeting anytime, and breakout rooms, to name a few) our district decided to move away from Google Meet and use Zoom instead.

However, as the school year has progressed, some teachers have noticed connectivity issues, glitches, and random issues that really impact the flow of the online classes the teachers are working so hard to create. Learn more...

Streamline and Power Up using Extensions

Extensions and Add-ons add additional functionality to the various Google tools and related websites. From simple extensions that make it easier to share resources to Google Classroom to Pear Deck that helps make slides more engaging, extensions and add-ons make your life easier. Check out some recommended ones below.

This is a page out of my edTech Bootcamp that I believe is valuable for everyone. Check it out here!

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