Lulu's Energy Project!!!!!! By:lulu Everman

This video explain different types of ways thermal energy transfer also it tells about how thermal energy transfers.

  • Thermal energy transfer is when higher temperature goes to a colder temperature.
  • 3 examples of this is radiation, convection, and conducton
  • An example of conduction is when you are stiring hot soup with a metal spoon you get burned but with a wood spoon you would not get burned
  • An example of convection is when you are sitting by a fireplace and the heat rises while the cold air fills in its place this is called a convection current.
  • Finally an example of radiation is when you are in the hot sun and the sun warms you up it is giving you radiation.
This is a picture of our solar oven

What we did to make our solar oven was we first to a cardboard box and covered it in foil on the outside and insides. Than we put black paper on the bottom and isolated with newspaper. Next we put a reflector on top. Finally we added plastic wrap to make a window for the sun to come through.

Some people use solar power for electricity to power things such as the lights or heat. It is also better for the environment since it gets energy from the sun.

Created By
Lulu Everman


Created with images by Couleur - "light bulb pear light" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Black Marble - Asia and Australia" • atimedia - "solar cells technology energy"

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