Luke's Birth Story April 4, 2017

As I sit down to write about this story I still feel the excitement and joy during this day. This birth story will always hold a VERY dear spot in my heart as this family trusted me to come into their lives and capture, what will always be an intimate story. This is my first birth behind the lens.

This story is the first of MANY that I plan to attend and capture for families. I love and enjoy my family sessions, but BIRTH - it is truly remarkable.

Mama, her amazing Doula Korina (Celebrating Life) and I had discussed and planned our communication roles (very key when it comes to labor) and on the morning of her birth it wall went off without a hitch. Korina contacted me to let me know that the family was heading to Andaluz Birth Center (Portland, OR) and that she was heading in. We had known that this birth would not be that long so I grabbed my stuff (yes, I also pack for other births) and headed to the family at 4 AM. Needless to say the drive in was enjoyable.

We all showed up at about the same time and I started capturing all of the small details that would be cherished as baby's birth story. I met the family and mama's birth team. As I entered the labor suite, Mama was having another contraction. SHE WAS AMAZING! The whole experience AMAZING! Mama labored for a VERY SHORT period of time around her suite, in the tub, and eventually baby Luke graced us with the most awe-inspiring welcome of a baby's first cry.

As the Spring Sun rose over Mount Hood this little family spent time getting to know one another, and enjoying the peaceful moments with their brand new family member.

Enjoy Luke's Birth Story!

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Stella Rausch-Scott


Stella Maris Photography is a Birth and Family photographer. She is located in the Portland-Metro (OR) area.

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