Yeroskipou Cyprus Delights The traditional way to make Loukoumia

My name is Arne Skinlo and I love to take pictures and make stories from the places I visit. I am Norwegian, but we have an apartment in Gerouskipou, close to Paphos on Cyprus. Here I walk around and talk to people and find stories. This quiet village has one attraction that is not very visible at first sight; namely loukoumia, a sweet made of sugar with many flavors and ingredients.

In this presentation I will let you in to one shop making their own loukoumia in the old traditional way like it was done in 1895. Actually, it was the grandfather of the present owner, Anthoula Gavriel, who started the loukoumia production on Cyprus.

Before we start, I will present you to the village Geroskipou. The center has a big square that is a gathering place for the village people, specially in the evenings. Close to the square is Agia Paraskevi, one of the most interesting Byzantine churches on the island.

Agia Paraskevi, a Byzantine church built in the 9th century

Geroskipou is also known for its culture and art. Paphos which Geroskipou is a part of, was Culture Capital in 2017.

From the sculpture park in Geroskipou

Now I will tell you the history of loukoumia in Geroskipou. First I will introduce you to the present owner Anthoula Gavriel. She has been in charge of the shop and factory since 1964.

Anthoula Gavriel

It all started with Sofoklis Athanasiou in 1895. He had been in Switzerland and had aquired knowledge of how to make loukoumia and other sweets. He opened a small workshop behind his parents house next to the Geroskipou square. With time his sweets became synonymous with Geroskipou.

In 1920 Sofoklis passed the business over to his daughter Charikla and her husband Gavriel. Their four children took over in 1964 and divided the business into four separate units. The four shops are located beside each other at the same place as it all started in 1895. In the following we shall follow Anthoula`s business.

Here is Anthoula┬┤s shop and factory. The spot to the right was were it all started, but the original house is rebuilt since then. All the buildings you see belong to descendants of Sofoklis Athanasiou and they all sell loukoumia!

Now I will show you the "secrets" of how to make loukoumia. In Anthoula┬┤s shop everything is done in the traditional way and most of it is done by hand. Only the stirring during the melting of sugar is done by machine. I can tell you, it is a hot place to be!

Anthoula is still taking part in the production.
Everything is done by hand and in small quantities. The products are therefore always fresh.
Floating loukoumia with different flavors and ingredients
Ready to cool down over night
Early next morning the loukoumia is cold and ready for further processing
Ready for the shop with plastic wrapping.
Ready to enjoy

I hope you enjoyed this story about Yeroskipou Delights. My main objective for making it is to document a tradition that may be replaced by industrial production one day. Today traditional and more industrial production goes hand in hand within the same family.

You may see more of my stories and work on my website:

You may also contact me by email at: arne.skinlo@gmail.com

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