Reflective journaling has been proven to help people engage with content and provide insight into their cognitive process as they interact with new thoughts and ideas. It has also shown to benefit teachers to reflect on student work and their own teaching practices.

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is THREE apps in one, and they are all FREE.
  1. Video is a tool for making slideshows (photos/still images/videos) into video stories, which can be accompanied by music and/or recordings.
  2. Page is used to create simple, yet elegant web pages, which can include images, videos, hyperlinks, etc. Learning journals can be ongoing and can be created as a page.
  3. Post can be used to create a single, beautiful graphic design for digital or print use, such as posters, signs, or social media posts.

Apps can be downloaded on mobile devices (iOS or Android), or go to spark.adobe.com to create a free account. The account is fully functional, but premium features are available (e.g., remove watermark, personal branding options) are available for $99/yr. or $9.99/mo. For all general purposes, however, the free account is perfectly fine. This session will be demonstrating the free account features.

What are some things to journal about? Anything!





Some Resources You May Want to Explore:

Or, let's just create one from scratch!

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Elizabeth Boothe


Created with images by My Life Journal - "Please tag @mylifejournal.co on Instagram" • oxana v - "my work space. I’m the founder of the company Arttravelling ( travel for artist)" • Juliet Furst - "A shoot with Moss Keramik (@mosskeramik) based out of Berlin, Germany" • Markus Spiske - "untitled image" • Spencer Imbrock - "If you walk down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at night around the holidays, you are there to see the high-end stores’ window displays. This scene, one of many in the windows of Bergdorf Goodman, shows a woman conducting madness of music around her in what seems to be an all-too-fitting metaphor to close out twenty seventeen."