Injured? Here's what you need to do

Use the PRICE protocol for the first 3 days following injury.

Protect the injury

The severity of injury isn't always immediately obvious.

Leave the playing field and get it assessed.

If you're out exercising or walking, phone someone for a lift home.

Rest the injured area

This doesn't mean that you can sloth on the lounge for the next 3 days.

Use crutches if you have to, for example, but keep moving, and remain active.

Movement increases blood flow, which is essential for accelerated healing and recovery.

Ice the injured area

This will help to decrease pain, and minimise swelling.

Also, take Paracetamol (Panadol) to help control pain if needed.

But, avoid Anti Inflammatories such as Neurofen until day 4. We actually need inflammation to heal.

Compress the injured area

Do this between Icing, and when sleeping.

Not too tight though! We don't want to cut off your circulation. We need good blood flow to accelerate healing.

Elevate the injured area

Ideally above the level of the heart, to decrease pain and swelling.

Do this regularly throughout the day.

Need more advice?

Or just want to get it checked out?

Or call 95427276

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