Crispin At The Edge Of The World Author: AVI

The overall place in section one is in England. As the reader I feel that England is a very big country and there is a lot of castles and buildings there. I imagine this place to be a more nicer and well constructed place for the people to live.
A specific location in England is in the forest. There were huge trees that can protect people getting shot at. There were rabbits and hares. There was a spot where Crispin and Bear rested, it was a soft green sward of green grass that was soft enough to sleep comfortably.
The novel takes place during the medieval times. In England and in year 1377 A.D. I imagine the place with a lot of slaves because during this time there were a lot of slaves working for there rulers and I can see there being a castle with knights protecting the castle.
In the book it is very sunny and not as wet. I can imagine the environment to be very hot and dry. It makes me feel bad because maybe some people might not have water because the sun evaporated all of it and people would die of dehydration.
In the book I can see there being a lot of people because England is big and people had traveled there to do business for the King and Queen. There would be the King and Queen living in the castle and normal people living in small houses, and slaves would live in dungeons under the rule of the commander. Also there would be the soldiers and commanders living in the castle. I feel bad for the slaves who had to work at the castle and there experiences doing it.
Bear would wear like potato sacks for warm clothes and would wear blankets as there shorts like a skirt. They would also use rabbit and hares skin for warm blankets to sleep at night. Bear and Crispin never had anything to wear on the there feet.
I feel overall frustrated because in the beginning it starts off with Bear getting injured and later it frustrates me because I never know when Bear will ever get better or not. Crispin keeps on saying they should move but Bear is not well enough and i'm anxious to know what happens to them if they escape or not.
The setting affects the story because since England is such a big place there are more soldiers and Crispin and Bear are in a very difficult situation. It is hard for them to hide from such a huge amount of soldiers they have, but also Bear and Crispin has lots of places they can hide out and run to. So good and bad for Crispin and Bear.
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