Recent Paintings by Tom Herrin Tommy's Art...2016 and 2017

Untitled Abstract...2016...20"x20" acrylic

2016 was an interesting year. The painting shown above is my approach to abstraction using only a few colors and entergetic brush work. This style of painting is new for me. I am moving in this direction, or should I say, toward this style of painting in 2017.

Untitled Abstract...2016...16"x20" acrylic

This painting is dark and somewhat moody. I can sit and look at the lights and darks for a long time. Great for meditation or quiet contemplation.

Untitled Abstract...2016...16"x20" acrylic

What we have here is a painting with patterns of color resulting from layering and energetic brush work. I like it! - a different way for me to paint. I expect to paint more of these in 2017.

White Flowers...2017...8x10" mixed media

This painting is mixed media on paper. It's small, with lots of energy, though somewhat traditional in style.

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