THE WATER'S JOURNEY Lillyanna Renae lathrop

Introducing my family: my brother, my mom, and my dad. We have lived on this plant in plantlandia for 400 years life was GREAT.

Until these two really mean droplets decided to beat up my brother as me, my best friend Olivia and him were taking a nice walk in the park.

My mom was more upset than anything but my dad when he found out he was mad, of course he didn't know until he got home from work. My brother tried to my mom that he was okay but she didn't listen nor tried ; even though he tried to tell her, she just kept saying how mad dad was going to be when he found out.

That night I couldn't sleep my mom and dad were fighting over weather we were moving or not eventually my mom came in my room and told me to pack my bags.

We were on the evaporation train by the crack of dawn, I asked my mom why they called it the evaporation train I guess that means water gets cold you go up to the ocean?... I think, I hope, hmmmm I wonder.

Once we got there my family was amazed, but I was not. I don't get what's so cool about the clouds , I mean they've seen pictures, I guess my theory about going to the ocean was wrong turns out when water gets hot it goes up who knew?.

I wasn't having any fun at our knew home until I met a girl my age, her name was patent, she was really nice we had a lot in common after that I realized the clouds weren't so bad.

After that I started to like this hole cloudvill thing, me and my family had a lot of fun and btw clouds taste delicious. I asked my mom what being in the clouds was called and my mom told me it was called condensation; I didn't believe her but whatever.

Until one day I was pulled away from my family and started to fall out of the sky.

It was loud all you could hear is the wind that blew past your ears I didn't even care about the fact that I was precipitating for the first time. The loud sound eventually stopped.

Lucky me I landed on a soft vine but I couldn't hold on for long, but as I hung there I thought to myself where's my family?, am I ever going to see them again?.

Eventually I let go of the vine and landed on the ground after that I found a nice soft flower to sleep on.

All I could think of was my family and where they might be, and that alone gave me nightmares.

I woke up that morning on the clouds and I thought I must have evaporated overnight; after I realized that I condensated, it came to me that "what goes up must come down."

And I was coming down; and again it was loud and scary I couldn't breathe.

Then I fell and banged my head on a glacier it really hurt it took me "hours" to get up, once I got up I got lucky and did not have to stay there because I slipped onto the ice slide and landed straight into the ocean.

See theirs me on the ice slide about to land in the ocean.

Once I got there it was kinda quiet and I was wondering where everyone was until I heard music in the distance and I ended up following the sound.

Once I got close to the sound I realized it was a party but not just one house but the hole city was going crazy and having fun.

But it reminded me of the my family so I left and ended up finding this hard surface what do call it; a rock?.

I got on the surface and tried to fall asleep. Until I heard what sounded like my brother calling me "Sammy...Sam" I started to walk towards the sound and it WAS it was my family.

I was soooo happy I found them well they found me but does not matter as long as we are together now.

Eventually we found our old plant and moved back in and turns out those jerk faces drip and drop ended up in ground water so who knows when they will be back any ways at least it worked out for me US! I mean us and that was my adventure.

Thank You For Reading My Story

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