Pereyma Math at Borresen Drammen, norway

Team Ontario members are once again welcomed to Borresen. We can't wait to get into the classrooms!

Students access their computers from charging storage cases and they are off to class. There are no bells in this school. We sense peace and calm in the building.
Mr. Stokes listens just as intently as the Norwegian students.

Even when Norwegian is spoken, we can still grasp the flow of the lesson... We see learning goals, think pair share and good teacher-student interactions.

We are interviewed for the school's Norwegian student blog. We have as many questions for our interviewers as they have for us! We learn and share much as we interact with the students. This is a highlight of our day.

We feel like we want to jump up and team teach. With our Norwegian colleagues, we invent and discuss "tag team teaching" and can't wait to try it next time!

We hope that tag team teaching will happen closer to home as well.

Making Pereyma proud...

We hike up a steep hill in the rain, and are rewarded by a stunning view.

Is there any better space for collaboration?

We experience Norwegian learning with movement as we hike back down and continue to share and grow.

We are invited to visit Drammen's Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre is inviting, warm and spacious with many places to collaborate.

The chocolates are awesome....

...but we can't wait to hear from their Director regarding the district plan.

The world over, pathways are important.
Do these look familiar?

We are more alike than we are different.

Teacher learning is key. We agree that when teachers work together to improve their practice, great things can happen. Lives can be changed.

A noble ambition that supports equity practices.
Let me check my GPS. Am I in Norway or Oshawa?

We are presented with a thoughtful, research-rooted plan. We are impressed to see this plan reflected in student voice, teacher goal setting and practice, and school leadership.

At length, we discuss lesson study. We discover that this is the same as our impactful Collaborative Inquiry for Learning Mathematics.

We invite the Drammen senior leadership team to come to Pereyma so we can further explore lesson studies and learn more from one another.

Back at the school, we meet with Borresen teacher candidates.

His superhero styled shirt reads "Teacher" in Norwegian. We like him already!
Teacher candidate Havard shares his thoughts about the "cushiness" of life in present-day Norway. He wonders if this type of living deters perseverance development.

We are thrilled to meet with student council leaders who share their ideas about what they think Math class should be like.

What the students would like to see happen in Math class:

This is Norwegian student voice at its finest.

Borresen students are a credit to their school.

We are thankful for time spent with students, teachers and leaders at Borresen school in Drammen.

We look forward to learning more tomorrow...

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