Professional Excellence in Autism for Employment & Enterprise. INNOVATIVE TRAINING, INTERVENTIONS AND SOLUTIONS for A RAPIDLY CHANGING WORLD

Autism is a completely different way of experiencing the world. And it's here to stay.

How are you and your workplace adapting?

Why do so many autistic people struggle to access, and remain in meaningful employment and what can we do, as individuals and organisations, to change this?

Read on to learn from two autistic professionals in Sheffield, UK.

'Professional Excellence in Autism' are practically-focused and interactive workshops that aim to empower participants to take a person-centred approach, to more effectively support autistic people into meaningful employment. We apply a blend of participatory activity, presented content and insights from recent research and policy, to address the following key question:

“What does an autistic person need, and what can we provide to them, in order for them to feel comfortable, safe, and well enough supported to find suitable work, do their job effectively, and feel fulfilled?”

In our accessible and adaptable workshops, participants gain valuable first-hand insight into the employment experiences of two autistic 'experts by experience', Anna Nibbs and Jonathan Drury. We are both autistic and have an extensive range of practical skills, expertise and background knowledge and experience in training delivery and consultancy.

Our sessions provide the opportunity for delegates to self-reflect on their own perceptions of the world, and on how these might influence their particular approaches to working with and supporting autistic people.

Throughout the workshop we model a responsive person-centred approach, taking into close consideration the needs and comfort of our audience, both collectively and as individuals.

Learning Outcomes

You will develop an understanding of autism, and the many ways it affects people. Learn about the challenges faced by autistic people in entering into and staying in employment. Hear about other autistic people struggling to find their vocation. Gain direct insight into the first-hand employment experiences of two autistic training facilitators. Consider ways in which a person-centred approach can be used to better support autistic people into meaningful employment and excel in their role.

Session topics

*Aims and outcomes. *What is autism, and what does it mean to be autistic? *An *overview of autism and employment. *Employer barriers. *Comfort/discomfort, self-awareness and social roles. *Our personal experiences. *Person-centred support approaches. *Advantages of workplace autism and productivity. *Personal reflection, questions and takeaway thoughts.

Our training workshops deliberately set out to disrupt standard modes of thinking. They provide the spark for conversations that will continue to build momentum, long after you have left the training room.

The Autism Edge

Did you know that autistic people might have extra-high levels of focus, creative talent and innovation? We call this the Autism Edge. By making a few small attitudinal shifts and practical adjustments, you can make a difference, improve your company, and contribute to a happier workplace and wider world.

Our Specialisms



Enterprise educator and learning and teaching specialist, with a Masters in Information Management, a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, and Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). Extensive experience in:

writing for professional audiences

one-to-one/small group advice and guidance

teaching, assessment and curriculum development

designing and delivering professional development

working with learners from diverse backgrounds, cultures, needs and settings

partnership working with community organisations and individuals.

Anna has professional interests in enterprise and entrepreneurship education, employability and skills development, interdisciplinary learning, autism and neurodiversity, autism and gender, educational equity, diversity and accessibility, and inclusive workspaces.


Founder of Autism Dialogue. EMCC Coach in training. BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art. PGCert Autism. Professional Dialogue facilitator, coach and trainer. Member of Academy of Professional Dialogue. Co-designed a research project in 2017 on employer's barriers to employing and retaining disabled people (Disability Sheffield, 2017) - key elements of this report are included in our presentations. Extensive experience in:

Dialogue facilitation for organisations and communities (autism community, autistic people, health care, therapists, practitioners, families, researchers).

devising and managing EU funded, private education programmes with home-schooled children and refugees, self-discovery training, writing, storytelling and arts workshops.

extensive overland travel including Middle East

international organic food business founder


p.a. and coach to autistic persons

Jonathan's main interests include relationship centred care, enterprise, autism, dialogue, organisational change, neurodiversity, quantum science, anthropology and critical arts in health.

Nibbs and Drury are based in Sheffield, UK and can work anywhere, from educational settings to businesses and organisations, from small enterprises to corporations, third sector and beyond. We can also provide a range of suitable training rooms in Sheffield centre.

We also offer

Bespoke Staff & Researcher Training.

Dialogue Facilitation - Easy to learn group methodology to get everyone really communicating, especially at times of change. From 8 to 30 participants per session.

Consultations - Bespoke & in-house, fresh views to improve your knowledge and output.

Conference Speaking - Inspirational and motivational speeches for any audience.

‘Why you shouldn’t start up a food business (until you’ve heard this)’’ 1-3 hrs enterprise seminar / workshop (Jonathan)


Single trainer/speaker/facilitator: 0-1 hr £70 / 1-3 hrs £200 / 3-5 hrs £320 / 5-6 hrs £430

Both: 0-1hr £130 / 1-3 hrs £370 / 3-5 hrs £590 / 5-6 hrs £695

Sliding scale depending on size or organisation / no. of participants

Negotiable rates for SME’s and small charities (less than £50k turnover)

Individual consultancy and coaching - please enquire.

Connect with us now

Anna Nibbs & Jonathan Drury.

Experts by Experience.


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