St George Street By: Christopher

The minute I stepped into St. George Street I smelled lot’s of stuff like popcorn,chicken, ice cream,candy etc.

First I saw lots of people taking pictures, laughing, eating and having fun. The Dogs were so cute they were having fun, barking. There were lots of churches that Henry Flagler built we went in one church it was beautiful and in church there was a grave place we went into the grave place where Henry Flagler and his siblings were bared.

Next there was so many smells I will tell you what I smelled. Ice cream is one of them it smelled like a big freezer filled with ice cream.The next one was chocolate the smell of chocolate was everywhere mostly in the chocolate shops. Last one was candy yes candy it was my favorite smell because lots of people had candy and I can smell caramel candy,taffy, gum etc.

After that shops was the best out of my choices I will tell you my favorite shops. First shop was the gourmet popsicle shop I went inside it was so cool there was chocolate cheesecake, salted chocolate, banana, and peach flavors the tasted so good. The next one was the sword shop it was a little bit scary because of all the knifes and guns I picked this one because there was Captain America’s Shield, Wolven claws , samurai sword , shurikens, riffles etc. that was awesome . The Magic Shop was my favorite because he Levitated the one dollar bill and a penny that was so cool.

St.George Street was the marvelous thing in St. Augustine.

My trip to St. Augestine

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