Nature Activity by JAson roeder

So Coral

During my tour of the museum I appeared on the marine life part of it. I found this part of the exhibit beautiful because corals are so beautifully colored and bring attractive marine life. As I looked further into the exhibit I actually found that the reefs are dying. It has actually been recorded that over 50% of the coral reefs are dying and in about 30 years <90% of the reefs will be dead. This led to a huge impact on my mind. I found this to be absurd that something so beautiful in the marine environment is dying. Although this was sad news, I did find this enjoyable because it was educational. This has brought me a new topic to research and possibly raise awareness to the topic.


I do believe visiting the museum did share the values Leopold held. Walking into the butterfly museum I didn't think much of it, but this changed as i walked around. I felt in peace, serenity overcoming me. I couldn't help but just smile. It showed me that individuals take advantage of land and just use it to conquer. I now see how this wrong and how humans should take value into their lives. Something like the butterfly exhibit should be cherished and not just looked over. This was also expressed in seeing the peer joy of the other visitors of the exhibit. Seeing the children thing to catch butterflies on their hand was honestly just so much fun to watch.


Visiting the museum was a step out of my ordinary day. Here at the University of Florida we are surrounded by nature everyday, but do not embrace it. Going to museum gave me and other individuals a chance to enjoy nature. Nature is usually taken advantage of and only used for its resources. The museum allowed me to step out my comfort zone and enjoy the serenity that nature brings. It allowed me to understand how nature is taken advantage of. I've also learned that losing myself in nature can bring peace within my life.


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