A 'pawsitive' month for the Humane Society The Gananoque & District Humane Society celebrates 47 adoptions

Photos and text by Victoria St. Michael

The Gananoque and District Humane Society had a busy month in March, but it paid off with a remarkable 47 adoptions.

They are just wrapping up "Cupcake Month," a month-long fundraiser where the Humane Society teamed up with local businesses and other members of the community to sell home-made cupcakes and raise awareness. All proceeds went to the Humane Society.

Right now, the Humane Society houses around 40 cats. But during busy periods, there can be up to 175 at one time.

The Gananoque Humane society is the only no-kill shelter in Ontario run almost entirely by volunteers. They rely on community support to stay open. Donations of money, cat food, litter and other supplies help keep the cats at the shelter happy and healthy until they find their 'furever' homes. The target for Cupcake Month was $5,000 to go toward tables for their newly-renovated medical wing.

Jeffrey is one of the 47 cats who found a home this month. He will be leaving the Humane Society soon to join his forever family!
Daryl Fraser is the Animal Care Supervisor at the Gananoque & District Humane Society. He is the only paid employee at the shelter; he gets paid for 25 hours a week but he says he easily puts in over 100. Fraser came to the Humane Society in June, after being an avid supporter of the shelter for six years. Above: Fraser and Vic, a rescued stray between two and three years old. He was brought to the Humane Society with a baseball-sized abscess on his neck, but he's recovering well from surgery. Vic is one of the most affectionate cats at the shelter.

"We don't turn anyone away here," says Fraser.

Tiny Tim is one of the special needs cats at the shelter. He is under a year old and was born with deformed back legs. But that doesn't slow him down. Tim loves to climb and play! He has no problem keeping up with the other cats. Tim is looking for a family who will be able to afford the special vet care he will need later in life.
This is Bounty. He is nine years old and loves to snuggle and take naps! Bounty has an underdeveloped trachea and needs to use a puffer every day, but he's a good sport about it.
Cheeto has been at the shelter for about two months. He was brought in with abscessed teeth, and although he is feeling much better he has a bad case of anxiety. Cheeto doesn't mind playing with other cats, but people make him nervous. He is declawed, but he's not afraid to give you a piece of his mind! Cheeto is looking for a patient and quiet family who doesn't mind his vocal nature.
Cheeto has developed a strong bond with volunteer Sylvia Deleeuw. She says all it takes is a little patience and kindness for him to get used to you.

"We do a lot of therapy touching and positive rewards for behaviour modification," says Fraser. "There's no such thing as a nasty cat. They're just misunderstood."

This is Larry. He is sweet and curious, but he needs a special home with no other pets because he can be a little human possessive.

Brooklyn and Declan, pictured above, visit the Humane Society looking to adopt their very first "furbaby."
Rose is a beautiful little orange tabby who loves to sleep. Right now, she's recovering from kidney stones. But she'll be feeling better soon, and she's ready to meet her family!
Rachel is five years old and was born at the Humane Society. She is poly-dactyl, which means she has a couple extra toes. All the better to play with! Rachel loves to play, but has a sweet and cuddly side as well. She also loves to be brushed, but don't pick her up.

It can be hard to keep a no-kill shelter up and running without community support, but Fraser says it's important to preserve them. Many kill shelters would euthanize special needs cats like Tiny Tim and Cheeto, or cats like Vic, whose medical care would be too expensive.

"I won't work at a kill shelter," says Fraser, shaking his head. "I couldn't go in knowing all the cats I was taking care of are going to end up in a garbage bag. It's not their fault, it's our fault."

The Humane Society is always looking volunteers to help out with cleaning, feeding and most importantly, cat cuddling! The animals need lots of love and attention to keep them feeling happy and safe until they find their forever families.

Fraser has been working in animal rescue for 30 years. He is also the owner of Bow-Wow Acres, a rescue shelter for disabled dogs. The Humane Society also takes dogs, but they are not housed at the shelter. They get a home environment with Fraser, because they do not believe in kenneling dogs. Last week they adopted out seven dogs.

Meet a few more of the amazing cats who are still looking for their forever homes:

This is Tod, an adult male.
This is Zinfadell, a nine-year-old female who loves to nap with her friends.
Teddy, an adult male.
This is Quality. This cutie is under a year old and was found at the Quality Inn.
This is Tilly. He's a shy boy, but very sweet. Tilly is still only a baby - under a year old.
This young male is Sable. He is a favourite of the Humane Society volunteers, because he loves playing and hanging out with his people. Sable loves everyone he meets, and is looking for a family who will give him lots of play time. Sable has a food allergy and will need to be on Wellness chicken-free food, which can be found at Pet Valu or any other pet food store.
Smokey is a sleepy young male, and tod's roomie! He loves chin scratches.
This is Isabelle, an adult female. She has had multiple litters of kittens, but now that the last litter has been weaned she is ready for her forever home. She needs a family who will show her lots of love.
This is Spot. He is an active and lovable adult male, but he has a chicken allergy and will need a special diet because he prefers wet food to dry. Spending the extra few dollars is well worth it, though, because he's a very special boy who is well-deserving of a second chance.
Lil Wayne was found with his sibling in 2013. He's six years old and is very shy, so he likes to keep to himself. He's looking for a multi-pet home where he can just hang out with his pals.
All the animals at the Gananoque and District Humane Society are spayed or neutered. There's someone for everyone here, and adopting a rescued cat gives them a second chance at finding the family they deserve.
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