The Journey Across The Atlantic A Jurnal by jOhn o'brien

Log 1:

My name is John O'Brien I am the helmsman on Elisabet Coroa we left port today,June 8, 1516, at 9:00 am. So far the trip has been amazing except for my roommate Peir Salimomo (Santiago) who sings in the night. But anyway our food supply is great and we're on the right course. I am very happy to be sailing across this great blue sea.

This is a self portrait of me.

Log 2:

OUR FOOD WENT BAD!!!!!!!!! But luckily no one got sick. We stopped at the Azaes Islands. We ate drank and danced all night. Everyone returned and we set. P.S. My roommate is still singing.

Some of our rotten food

Log 4: Across The Sea of Darkness

Our supply was perfect. Our navigation was foolproof. But there is a big storm coming. We were ready in time though. So we got through the storm safely. The captain says that we have been traveling 60-70 miles a day, but I am smart enough to know that we have been traveling 100 miles a day. I wonder why the captain is lying. I am worried.

The sea of darkness

Log 5: Cramped, Bored, and on My Nerves

Our supply was ruined. I got sick with dysentery (the flux)but Dr. Tommy (Kate) saved me before it got serious. We are still on the right course. When we're not sailing we have great fun hunting rats and watching great cockroach fights.

Cockroach fights

Log 6: Land Ho!!!!

Our supply was perfect. Our navigation is amazing. We see a bird flying over our ship, this must mean that land is near. Then the captain announces " first one to spot the land wins 10,000 maravedis!!" I rush to the crows nest, throwing everyone in my way to the ground. Luckily I was the first one there. But I knew more were coming. I find some barrels and start throwing them down at the sailors climbing up, knocking most of them down. But one sailor makes it all the way up his name was Jack. So when he climbed in I punched him right across the face, grabbed him by his shirt threw him over board. Sadly Dr Tommy saved him. Then I look through my telescope and there it is, "Land Ho" I scream. I am the first to see it. The captain gives me the 10,000 maravedis. I was so happy, but I was worried about someone stealing my money. Later I find Pier Salimomo's pet rat, Luck, bathing in my maravedis. I grabbed him by the tail and fed him to the sharks. Pier was a little upset but we are still friends. At least I think we are.

Just two of my maravedis

Log 7: East Meets West

We landed in Puerto Rico and met some really nice Indians known as the Taino tribe. We traded with them. They gave us buetiful necklaces, wonderful parrots, and comfortable hamics. In return we gave them beads and other trinkets. When it was time for us to set out again, we brought a few Indians with us aboard the ship.

This is Puerto Rico

Log 8: Glory, Greed, and Homel

We have been traveling through these islands for three weeks now. Stopping at many of the islands,meeting many Indians, and stocking up on food and water. As we sail we realize that we are sailing toward some uncharted waters. Then I see some swirling waters straight ahead and realize that it is a under water reef! I turn around and scream "REEF!! Dead ahead" to warn the captain. He steers away just in time. The sailers are all upset about not finding much gold but we are determined.

Swirling waters.

Log 9: Home

We sail for week after week after week. Navigation was almost perfect the whole way back. Our supply was good most of the time but it went bad once or twice. Then I saw it, "land ho." I step off the boat standing tall but soon I found myself on the ground kissing it. There was a big crowd waiting for us, but I left quickly and ran far away from the ocean with my 10,000 maravedis. I then bought some land and started a chicken farm with my brother, Aedan O'Brien.


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