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My Name is Scott Winters, I am a Non-Native settler, I have researched a few problems about the Native Americans living near the lands we are settling. My first problem is that The Native Americans and White Americans have a very different view of land ownership. My second problem is that the United states Government is breaking promises given to the Native Americans. My third problem is the fear of violence between Native Americans and Non-Native Settlers. These conflicts are not only affecting the way of life of many American Citizens, but also the lives of Native Americans. These problems need to be resolved, in order to restore the way of life to the western front for both the Native Americans, and United States Settlers.

Identifying the problem

Among many of the problems we settlers face, three of them stand out. The first big problem I have witnessed first hand is that Native American and Settler views on land ownership is very Native Americans view land as being open to everyone, that not one person can own land, but that everyone shares land. We the settlers are looking at land and viewing it as our own. I can say from personal experience that this is causing many issues between the Native Americans and us. Due to the issue of us not being able to see eye to eye on who owns the land, many of the settlers have been fighting for the rights to their land, this has been upsetting the Native Americans, we fear that there might be an attack on the town soon.

The second problem we are facing is that of fake promises given to the Native Americans, our Government is telling the Native Americans that they can have land or that they can live somewhere, and when everything seems to be going fine, they tell them that they have to move. This has not only been upsetting Native Americans due to the constant moving, but it has also been upsetting the Settlers because the Native Americans have been moving closer and closer to their lands. They do not feel safe, and are starting to fear an uprising from the Native Americans, although it is not their fault for not upholding the promises.

The Third problem we are facing is that both Native Americans and us setters fear that due to tensions being so high, there will be violence soon to come. Many of the Settlers have been arming up for the upcoming battles. We need a solution, many small attacks have happened on both sides. Many settlers have taken action into their own hands and have begun attacking innocent Native American settlers. We have also seen lots of Native Americans attacking small villages of Settlers. This is making nobody feel safe, and is also raising tensions.

Problem solution and evaluations

The settlers and I have evaluated the problems and we have come up with a solution. The problems seem to lie in mass differential cultural ethnocentrism. This means that both Native Americans and Settlers are both judging each other solely by the ethics and standards of their own culture. We have come up with a few solutions. Solution one is to have a meeting between Native Americans and Settlers, we need to try and immerse one another in both ways of living. We need to try and understand the other sides issues and problems. We need to have Cultural Diffusion within Native Americans, and Native Americans Need to have Cultural Diffusion within the Settlers. This means that both sides need to spread their culture throughout the other side. Our second and final solution is to kill them all. If all else fails, we need to eliminate the other side. We need to keep such a solution secret due to fear of an uprising from Native Americans. Although this seems like such a cruel and extreme solution if need be it will be done. None of the settlers want to see this happen, this is why we need to make sure that our first plan works. There is no room for failure. Plan b gives incentive to not fail.


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