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We provide personal in-home elderly care, disabled care, child care and pregnant women care that promises to bring ease and relief to your loved ones in the comfort of their home, while offering you peace of mind.

Our company makes a positive difference through customer-driven solutions and innovative planning. Our well-screened staff delivers the highest degree of dedication, cooperation, helpfulness, hard work, dependability, and honesty, enabling mutual respect, trust, and appreciation. We empower our Caregiver team to deliver exceptional service through initial and ongoing training that stresses ethical behavior, courtesy, and safe servicing practices.

At People’s Choice Home Care, we create an environment that facilitates daily tasks and simplifies the lives of those that require assistance. Our staff is singularly selected to possess compassionate and caring attributes and make our services a secure and comforting experience. In addition to professional, practical and situational care, we provide emotional support, disorder support such as dementia support, and personable companionship. Your loved ones will feel they have the help they need and the company of someone who cares about them. This gives the people you care about the pleasure of having freedom in their home while being able to rely on assistance in every way. We offer a full range of services and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Time slots of 3 hours to 24-hour care are available at your request. People’s Choice Home Care provides the care that your mother, father, grandparent, spouse or child needs to live life to the fullest.

Our caregivers approach restroom assistance with courtesy and respect to maintain as much privacy as possible for your loved one. All bathroom needs are handled with sensitive regard to encourage trust and reliability. Responsibilities of managing incontinence issues are performed with consideration and respect for the maximum confidence and assurance of the patient. Our caregivers create a comfortable setting where the patient will be at ease to perform daily bathroom duties in a hygienic and relaxed manner.
Caregivers provide all of the assistance their patients will need for daily bathing and showering requirements. Because personal hygiene is fundamental to both physical and mental health, it is important that those who require assistance receive proper support and are able to achieve day-to-day cleanliness. Our personal assistants foster a healthy bathing routine and provide the necessary aid for effective partial baths, full baths, showering and bed baths as required. All tasks are performed with safety and personal comfort in mind to ensure well-being and optimal health for your loved ones.
All personal hygiene assistance needs will be met to provide the highest level of daily cleanliness and well-being. Our caregivers are courteous and helpful in every way when helping the elderly or disabled in using the bathroom, showering and bathing, brushing teeth, trimming nails and every measure necessary to maintain a clean and healthy body every day. Good personal hygiene encourages self-respect and happiness and promotes a positive outlook on life as well as physical health. Our personal assistants are there to help in every way.
Looking our best is essential to feeling our best, and our caregivers are happy to assist your loved ones in a comprehensive and daily routine of personal appearance care that stimulates self-confidence and positive attitude. All hair care, dental care and denture care, skin care, nail care, shaving, foot and hand care needs are met with professional patience and consideration. Your loved ones will look and feel their best every day when they are assisted by our kind and supportive caregivers.
Dressing ourselves is an action that is often taken for granted as it requires a level of flexibility and movement that can be difficult for the elderly, disabled and those with illness to achieve. Our caregivers are happy to give your loved ones all the help they need to dress properly in the morning and before bed while ensuring safe range of motion and prevention of pain or injury.
Our caregivers are specifically trained to monitor patients for blood pressure and blood glucose levels and take extreme priority to ensure that all daily medications are taken properly and on-time. The health and safety of your loved ones is our number one concern and their medical needs will be addressed with punctuality and competence.
Medication Reminder
Our select personal assistants are ideally suited to fulfill a wide range of duties and preparing healthy, delicious meals is no exception. Caregivers assist your loved ones by preparing nutritious meals to provide proper daily nourishment without substituting for great taste. Fluid and food consumption will be monitored to ensure a safe, healthy and complete diet.
• Clean and Tidy Bathroom — to prevent exposure to germs and accidents, bathrooms are kept in sanitary and organized conditions at all times. Caregivers are trained to perform detailed cleaning of the bathroom and ensure that it is disinfected, dry and empty of clutter.
• Kitchen Cleaning and Arrangement — we will take all of the necessary measures to create a safe and orderly kitchen environment for hygienic and security purposes. Caregivers will ensure that the kitchen area is disinfected before and after meals, all dishes washed and put away, tables and countertops wiped down and sanitized and floors mopped and dried. Items will be organized and arranged for easy access and safety purposes.
• Laundry and Ironing — our caregivers are happy to wash and organize clothing as well as perform ironing duties so that your loved ones will have a crisp, even outfit prepared for them.
Bedding and Linen — personal assistants provide clean blankets, sheets and pillow cases as well as fluff pillows and complete all bedding arrangements necessary to ensure maximum comfort and a relaxing night’s sleep
• Light Gardening — Our caregivers are happy to provide light upkeep of the outdoor environment including watering and trimming plants to keep the yard and garden fresh and healthful.

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