French Revolution News Paper The reign of terror

In the 1780s, long-standing resentments against the French monarchy fueled anger throughout France. The source of the French people's ill will could be found in the unequal structure of French government and society.

The revolution was caused by an unbalance of society, with the three estates. The first and second estates, were high class citizens which made up 3% of the entire population. The third estate made up the rest of the population, 97% of the population, which was the poor citizens who were treated poorly and had less privileges than the other estates, despite being most of the population.

Enlightenment ideas inspired the French Revolution. Especially since the American colonists had broke away from Great Britain to gain independence inspired by the enlightenment ideas. The Americans were successful, so the French believed they could be successful inspired by the enlightenment.

In the reign of terror, the guillotine was the most common method of execution. Although the terror was caused to protect the Revolution, the common folk were the most of the executed people. The reign of terror was started to aid those same people.

Many people faced the guillotine, rich or poor, man or woman. Eventually even the people who started the terror faced the guillotine. Even Maximilien Robespierre faced the guillotine in the end. Although the reign of terror was intended to protect the Revolution, it had in fact weakened it.

The French Revolution alarmed countries such as Austria and Prussia. They feared that the French Revolution would spread revolutionary ideas to their citizens and jeopardize their governments. The signed the pillnitz declaration in 1791, which angered the French, who then declared war on the two countries and defeated them.

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