Mars Mission Plan By: Tristan McBeth

Geo-space Period 5 12/9/16.

The goal of my mission is to travel safely when my crew and I launch, to travel .safely through space in this journey . Launch Date will be June 1st 2020 at Kennedy Space Center. There are some supplies that have already been sent to Mars in previous missions, those supplies are currently waiting for my crew and I to show up and use them.

My crew is very well balanced. We have myself, my job is the pilot of the spaceship, I must have perfect eye site so that I can see where I am going. All of my crew members are intelligent we have passes all of the tests that we needed to pass. We are all in good physical condition as well, we are well fed and well fit, we work out 3 times for an hour each day. Another crew member of mine is Brad McDonald, he is the crews Science officer, he is responsible for all of the science in this mission. We also have Jake Benson, he is the crews Space engineer, he is responsible for making sure that everything on the ship is safe and, he makes sure that everything works. We also have Dan Price, he is the crews pilot he is responsible for getting us to Mars safely, he is responsible for making sure that our ship has enough fuel to lift off, and it is his job to fly us safely to Mars. Our last crew member but certainly not the least valuable is Tristan McBeth (Me), I am the crews commander, I am responsible for making this mission possible, the safety of my crew, and the success of the mission. These are the best crew members that we have for this mission. Mars here we come!

Our spacecraft is the best that NASA had to offer. They have built my crew and I the second version of the Columbia shuttle, the first Columbia shuttle was destroyed in 2011. This shuttle is stronger and faster, and a little bit bigger. I have heard that there are some dangers of space travel, but we have a place where we can work out and prevent the decay of bone structure, my crew and I plan to work out 2-3 times a day for and hour. This spacecraft needs to be especially strong to avoid getting cancer, by the radiation in space travel, luckily for my crew and I we have had our ship built with the best state of the art armor that NASA has to offer. We will need food, water, medicine, and a good spacesuit. We have had food made for us, and we have 15 gallons of water to bring with us while we travel, we are also going to make these supplies last when we land and start living on Mars

This is the shuttle that we will be taking, and living in on our journey to Mars.

When we reach Mars we will begin living there. That will be our new home. You might be asking "How are you going to survive there?". Good question, my crew and I will be living on a planet that is covered in sand, and we have no idea what kind of bad weather storms that this planet has, we have to be prepared for everything. Our space station will keep us safe because we have everything that we need to survive there. We have food, we have water, we have medicine, we have everything that we need to survive. If we want to sustain life on Mars we need to keep our supplies safe we can not waste anything, we need to be careful with the supplies that we have, like I said earlier we need to be prepared for anything. We know that there is a lot of space on Mars that is why we are bringing Brad, he is going to do as many experiments as he can so we can eventually colonize mars, he needs to gather as much information as he can, so he can give it back to the other space scientists so that we can get them down to mars and they can help us colonize Mars. We will complete this mission, and I am very confident that we will colonize this planet, and we can make it a home planet just like Earth, but for now we will see what we can do.


Created with images by upsidedown astronomer - "Mars from last night" • manhhai - "STS-135 Atlantis Launch (July 8, 2011)" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "DSCOVR Liftoff" • obspred - "toy model the space shuttle" • Moyan_Brenn - "Mars"

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