Pup and Pup is an offbeat webtainment series. A duo of dogs who fell into puppy love, and through halarious hyjinks more suited to huskies we wag our way through arfventures. We showcase our shibas through a variety of borking technology.

Our Youtube showcases some of our mis-adventures. You can even use the newest VR technology to join in with us when we goto visit our fluffy fur'ends.


The road to Mt Mutt'chell

These two stinky doggers are at it arfgain.

Join with us on a driving journey to the tippy top of the eastern most point in the U.S.Arf'A Mt. Mitchell.

Driving to an elevation just shy of 7,000 feet, we get higher then we've even gotten before. Driving footage was shot throughout Tennessee , Georgia, North Catolina and South Catolina.

You'll want to pull your head inside the window to watch this video, and we hope this inspires you go out, get some walkies, and fresh air. Well, outside air at least.


Paws and Have some Fun

Time a moment to sit, stay and watch the ridiculous rottie rampage through a series of mini arfventures. Even the small fun times with friends can turn into something creatively canine.

We cover it all from the wild and whimsical wonder that is the cat in the hat? but no it's the hellcat the smellcat and the fabulous always fresh prince of the forest Murrlin


Go Outside

Starting our trip in scooby dooby san fran-awooodi , Pup and pup newest Arfenture takes us to the Pupcific Coast.

The 2018 Awooodi S4. A rental we found for few bones short of a rack of fibs. Its spacious, comfortable, and crazy. Paddle shifters, shifter, and more then at least one mode to transform the car from a mountain top monster or a chill cally curvy cat.

Be sure to stock up plenty of extra time to read the manual on this machine, because there will be a test. For every right question, you get an enhanced driving mode.

Priced at about 50k it's the most reasonable of the unreasonable things we were lucky enough to drive.

A stop off at Murr' beach overlook. Clouds to the left of me Mountains to the right, and here we are stunk up the coast again.

Shot in 360 for our 3rd Epsiode of season 2.

Episode 4

Purr'Fessional Doggers

Well After a mishap and some great Communition between Enterprise and Turo. Basically we are hap-pup-ply to say we got a Posh Porche !!.

And that's right it's in 360 so grab your VR headset and join in wiht our mis-arf-ventures.

A trek up the Pacific Northwest.

First this is the nicest thing I have ever sat in. (Outside of a fighter jet) . Which, let's face it, is what this is based around. You feel like your liter-terrier-aly transformed into a fighter pilot when you sit in the drivers seat. You'll enjoy the feeling of the seat pushing you deep back and growl with excitement.

Itd never own one. But it's fun to rent. The maintenance must be crazy

Music is not mine its lil dicky search for him on YouTube he's amazing

Also at pup and pup we are not advertising or seeking profit

Episode 5

Pup and Pup Present Vegas Borky Vegas.

PUPANDPUP.COM We are a non profit, non advertising comedy duo dedicated to providing positive arfventures for all adults to enjoy. Viewer discretion is arfvised.

A recent trip where we flew into vegas for only about 30 hours. Renting a room at a luxurious hotel we did some puppy pampering on the way to our next episode.

We waggily wondered along the vegas strip stopping at over 30 casino's resorts, and dispensarys. That's right folks, Vegas is legal now, perfect remedy for achy paws, and helps us to flap our maws.

At night we watched a gourgous sunset, making it a little after dark before waking up early next morning for a jaunty spring walk through the BillagIo atrium during it's flower presentation. And present it did.

Make sure to go outside, and have fun adventures. While we didn't gamble we spent our money on food, but plenty to do in vegas just takes the will of a dog


Pup and Pup Present DO’IN IT FWA STYLE

Atlanta Georgia plays host to Pup and Pup for this doggone delightful episode.

PNP presents DO’IN IT FWA Style

A convention full of canines and cats, Birbs and Badgers, and even a poke’mon or two. This awoo’nual convention brings all the critters from near and far to celebrate with fideo’tastic fun. Panels, Video games, and Even dogs playing poker all are just a short walk.

An active nightlife hosting talented DJ’s, dance competitions, so just do it and go out and have some fun, get outside, wag yap and have an awoomazing time.


First Season was our pilot, our chance to see if dogs can fly. We found out they cannot after sevel attempts at several buildings.


copyright pupandpup

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