Seder2020 Press Kit An online answer to the Passover dilemma

"How can I host Passover this year?"

We know this year's Passover will be different from all other Passovers. We're here to help. “Seder2020 Powered by OneTable” is a platform for anyone and everyone to plan their Seders, invite their guests, find resources, and have a meaningful virtual Seder experience.

This is an excellent solution for individuals looking to host their first virtual event, as well as seasoned Jewish professionals organizing their communities virtually this year. Events can be any size the host wants and the platform offers as many ways to customize your Seder through the description and haggadah options.

While OneTable is continuing to offer support for individuals 21-39ish, “Seder2020 Powered by OneTable” is open to anyone. Hosts and partners can take full ownership over their events and the ways they share the site with their communities.

Marketing photo of the dinner platform.

The Simple Process

1. Sign up on the website.

Marketing photo of the sign up process.

2. Create your Seder: you can upload a custom photo or use our stock, let people know what parts of the Seder they'll be leading, and what tech you'll be using to gather.

Marketing photos of the dinner creation process.

3. Pick your haggadah. Our partner Haggadot.com has some suggestions, or choose your own and either include the link in your description, or email the pdf out to your guests.

4. Share your event! Whether it's with your friends or community, it's easy to organize all of your guests on using your event.

Marketing photo of Seders posted on the site.


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OneTable is a national 501c3 nonprofit designed to support people aged 21-39ish in building a Shabbat dinner practice that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable.

They launched Seder2020 because they know how tricky organizing online can be, and they have the technology to help everyone do it better and faster.

Press questions? Email or call OneTable's Director of Strategy & Communications Al Rosenberg at al@onetable.org and 872-307-0182