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Andi Buerger is an international speaker, corporate trainer, educator (junior/senior high; college), business owner, writer, media talent, public relations and marketing consultant, nonprofit executive, and community ambassador. Born in Inglewood, CA, Andi graduated Marywood High School in 1980. She then received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with minors in communications and economics from Loyola Marymount University in 1983. In 1988, she completed her law degree from Western State University College of Law.

Extraordinary opportunities presented themselves to Andi early on because of her passion for serving others and her expert skill sets in communication, public relations, network marketing, business, and administration. From a finalist in the Miss America Teenage Pageant Orange County to the Special Task Force Team Vice Presidential Visit and grassroots congressional campaign manager (Orange County), Andi has had a variety of career paths spanning forty plus years. This includes being an audio voice talent, broadcast personality, actress (briefly!), and corporate video talent.

Andi’s work ethic earned favor early on with CEO’s of such Fortune 500 companies as ABC Worldwide Video Distribution, Multnomah Publishers (where she was a Senior Publicist for authors such as Thomas Kinkade, Russell Cronkhite, Randy Alcorn, and Kim Meeder), TDM/McGraw-Hill, New Vision International, Disneyland Resort and Hotel (Anaheim, CA), Eagle Crest Resorts/JELD-WEN, and more. Andi has engaged in community leadership to promote better living for those less fortunate and fundraising for organizations helping individuals with specific needs. These entities include Habitat for Humanity (Board Member), United Way, Childhelp USA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions Club, Soroptimists International, Stonecroft Ministries International, Special Olympics, and multiple Chamber of Commerces (Board Member). Andi also has extensive network marketing tenure with ACN and Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Currently the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Beulah’s Place, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing temporary shelter services to at-risk homeless teen boys and girls, Andi is in the process of locating a permanent facility in which to rescue and house more at-risk teens. She and her husband, Ed, have been married for 17 years. They live with their very spoiled golden retriever, Dusti, in beautiful Central Oregon. Andi and her husband are involved in church activities and enjoy traveling to Andi’s speaking engagements and other places of interest as often as possible.

Speaking with “The Hard Question” hosted by Blanquita Cullum
Radio Host Melanie Collette “Money Talk with Melanie”
Dr. Jane Ruby and “The Exceptional Conservative Show”
Meeting with Senator Joni Ernst (R- IA) “We Must End Human Trafficking.”
Senator Joni Ernst serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Speaking on Radio Row with “The Real Side with Joe Messina”
Washington, D.C. Women in Leadership Dinner

Radio Interview with Linda Breitman - Helping Homeless Teens

"When we allow our children to be sold, to be used as a commodity, to be violated, persecuted, neglected, discarded, and preyed upon by criminal influences, we deteriorate as a civilized community because there is nothing civilized about using the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable for selfish gain. I'm living - and leaving - a positive legacy that can be adapted on any scale for the purpose of saving the future of our country, and that future is our youth."
"Regardless of age, gender or cultural background, sexual assault is an abomination of fundamental human rights. This intolerable act must be recognized as such, as well as the debilitating toll it takes on its victims. Now is the time to stand united – beyond political boundaries – against those who freely pilfer our nation's innocence and cripple its spirit through acts of depravity."

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“Andi Buerger has an incredible message that packs a powerful punch. Don’t let her petite stature fool you. She’s like a stick of dynamite in God’s hands demolishing lies with truth, discouragement with hope and fear with peace. Those who hear her story delightfully proclaim, “Wow! God is awesome.!” ---Pam Vredevelt, Bestselling author of "Espresso for a Woman’s Spirit" and the "Letting Go" series.
“Thank you for sharing…with us. You must be a light for others in every aspect of your life because you certainly were on here.” --- Christian City Home for Children, Georgia
“Andi is sharp, fun, and full of Jesus.” Vickey Banks, Author of “Sharing His Secrets” and “Love Letters”
“Andi was absolutely wonderful!...intelligent, informative, charming, warm and totally cool…thank you for investing your time in the Kingdom of God with us!” ---Redmond After 5, Oregon
“I have trained and heard many speakers, and feel Andi is one of the most intuitive and riveting that I have had the pleasure of hearing. She is intelligent, professional, and easy to work with and I would recommend her highly to speak for any group.” ---Pat Abernathy, Regional Representative, Stonecroft Ministries, Int’l, Oregon
“Of all the Christian testimonies I’ve encountered, Andi Buerger’s faith journey is one of only two or three that I can honestly deem miraculous. Andi’s story begins at rock bottom, but then soars as an eagle….lifting people to Christ and making them whole. Be prepared for a truly life-changing experience. Andi really does carry the Kingdom of God with her wherever she goes.” ---David Rucker, KTLR, Oklahoma
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