Prepared by Coaching for Literacy | February 2017

Executive Summary

  • Purpose: Discuss Peter Millar's partnership with Coaching for Literacy in the Fight for Literacy.
  • Problem: Cover the issue of illiteracy and why it is such an important cause.
  • Overview: Provide a brief history of Coaching for Literacy.
  • Campaign Deliverables: Outline campaign execution items for both entities involved in this partnership — Peter Millar and Coaching for Literacy.
  • Collaborate: Discuss a brand script to find a common campaign narrative.
  • Next Steps: Agree upon next step items and basic project timeline.
“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” - Steve Jobs
What are we going to accomplish together?

Purpose: Peter Millar and Coaching for Literacy Partnership

Campaign Summary

Coaching for Literacy (CFL) and Peter Millar are forming a mutually beneficial partnership to raise awareness and donations for CFL and drive incremental sales for Peter Millar, while highlighting their commitment to the issue of illiteracy in America. This partnership will kick off with a campaign in September 2017 for National Literacy Month.

Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness about the issue of illiteracy.
  • Generate financial support for Coaching for Literacy.
  • Make an impact in the lives of young students struggling with illiteracy.
  • Drive incremental sales for Peter Millar.
  • Strengthen Peter Millar's already strong brand image.
  • Engage Peter Millar's customers in the Fight for Literacy.
“The question is not whether companies will engage in corporate social responsibility, but how they will create real and meaningful impact. If consumers don’t see a tangible result, they are likely to decrease purchases and move their loyalty to a business that is ‘doing (more) good’.” - Cone Communications / Echo

Consumer Behavior Statistics: Cause Marketing

It is no secret that the way a consumer perceives a company is tied directly to what that company is doing for society and/or the greater good. Studies by Cone and Roper clearly illustrate this point.

  • 88% [of Americans] would buy a product with a social or environmental benefit if given the opportunity.
  • 96% of consumers say that when companies engage in CSM (Corporate Societal Marketing), they have a more positive image of the company.
  • 94% of consumers would be more likely to trust that company and 93% would be more loyal to that company.
Why is literacy an important issue?

Problem: The Issue of Illiteracy in America

  • 32 million American adults are functionally illiterate. (National Center for Education Statistics (2003), "National Assessment of Adult Literacy", U.S. Department of Education)
  • 19% of high school graduates cannot read at the proficient level. (National Center for Education Statistics (2003), "National Assessment of Adult Literacy", U.S. Department of Education)
  • Illiteracy costs the U.S. at least $225 billion annually in non-productivity among the workforce, crime, and loss of tax revenue. (National Council for Adult Learning, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)
  • An excess of $230 billion a year in health care costs is linked to low adult literacy. (American Journal of Public Health)
  • 85% of juveniles in the court system cannot read. (National Assessment of Adult Literacy, U.S. Department of Education)
  • Among adults at the lowest level of literacy proficiency, 43% live in poverty. Among adults with strong literacy skills, only 4% live in poverty. (U.S. Justice Department)
“The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure.” - U.S. Department of Justice
Who is Coaching for Literacy?

Overview: Coaching for Literacy

Our Core Belief

We believe every person is born with equal worth and dignity. We believe that literacy is a key foundation of dignity and worth. We work so every American child can read and have a chance for a brighter future. We Fight for Literacy.

Our Mission

Coaching for Literacy (CFL) is creating a movement of coaches, teams, and communities who Fight for Literacy by participating in awareness initiatives and fundraising efforts.

Our Impact

To date, CFL has conducted 75 Coaching for Literacy Awareness Games with NCAA and NBA partners. We have partnered with more than 25 literacy organizations in 20 communities across 11 states providing direct support to more than 8,000 children.

[Above] Ben Howland, Mississippi State (Left), Tony Bennett, UVA (Center), and Avery Johnson, Alabama (Right) were three of the 25 NCAA coaching staffs to participate in CFL Awareness Game during the 2016-2017 season.
“We know this program really helps to make a difference in communities across the nation by providing valuable resources to local schools and youth programs.” - Steve Alford, Head Coach, UCLA Basketball

Our Approach

Through our awareness initiatives and fundraising efforts, we bring valuable awareness and critical financial support to our literacy partners. The following four approaches represent our portfolio of literacy investments:

  • Materials - Books and digital readers are key in teaching literacy. Unfortunately, materials in areas that struggle with literacy are scarce. We help provide the materials so kids can learn.
  • Embedded Literacy Programs - Embedded programs exist within many schools, libraries, and other institutions. These programs provide children with the extra attention they require to become better readers.
  • Summer Literacy Initiatives - Reading over the summer is crucial to literacy growth. Summer intervention programs ensure that children who need to continue reading during the summer are doing exactly that.
  • Instructor Training - Effective instructors are a critical part of improving literacy rates among children. We provide funding to ensure that instructors are capable of helping children grow in their ability to read.

Funding Methodology

Our efforts focus on improving reading levels among third and fourth grade students due to this staggering statistic: “64% of American fourth graders read below grade level” (National Assessment of Educational Progress, U.S. Government). We currently partner with 20+ literacy programs represented by the following organizations: members of the Campaign For Grade Level Reading network, public schools and literacy programs supported by our athletic team partners.

Every literacy program we fund is required to provide a grant receipt report that allows CFL to understand the impact being made and populations being served.
“We are incredibly grateful for Coaching for Literacy’s support over these past four years. We have watched our students directly benefit from their donations, improving their reading skills each year.” - Melissa Spradlin, Executive Director, Book'em (Nashville, TN)
What will Peter Millar provide?

Campaign Deliverables: Peter Millar

Core Campaign Concepts

  1. Donation Per Item Sold* - Peter Millar makes a suggested $4 contribution to Coaching for Literacy for each item purchased at and in Peter Millar retail stores during September (the number 4 symbolizes the importance of literacy by 4th grade).
  2. Minimum Financial Commitment* - Peter Millar commits to a total minimum contribution for the campaign — this amount will be based on the scope of work agreed upon and does not include the amount raised by the campaign itself (100% of funds raised by the campaign will be allocated directly to literacy programs).
  3. Creation of CFL / Peter Millar Apparel - Peter Millar creates a dedicated “CFL polo” sold at a reduced price to benefit Coaching for Literacy.
  4. Social Promotion - Every time a unique individual uses an agreed upon hashtag (i.e., #PeterMillar4Literacy) on social media during September, Peter Millar makes a $1 donation to CFL (with a agreed upon financial ceiling).

* Note: Financial contribution amounts are subject to conversation by representatives of CFL and Peter Millar.

Website + Digital Promotion

  1. Web Banner - Starting in mid-August, Peter Millar will begin promoting the partnership with a banner on their website.
  2. Home Page - On September 1, Peter Millar will feature a banner on their home page highlighting this initiative: enjoy a discounted purchase and make a difference in the Fight for Literacy.
  3. Digital Coupon / Promotional Code - Peter Millar provides a digital coupon / promotional code (Recommend “Fight4Literacy”) to incentivize customers to purchase Peter Millar merchandise and also provides a tool to measure campaign efficacy.

Social Media Support

  1. Execute Brand Ambassador Concept - Develop marketing collateral for the following campaign: five current CFL partner coaches wear Peter Millar lifestyle pieces and promote the campaign via branded content.
  2. Brand Influencers - Engage other influencers at your disposal to use provided content and promote the campaign via social media.
  3. Peter Millar Social Media Accounts - Post provided CFL content on agreed upon timeline and place CFL’s social handle and information on the partnership in your social media profiles

Email Support

  1. Utilize Peter Millar Database - Produce and send emails describing the partnership to your email database and include the digital coupon to drive sales.

Year 2-3 Concepts

  1. Trunk Shows - Promote the campaign at trunk shows during September highlighting discounted offer and Peter Millar’s support of this important platform.
  2. Peter Millar Retailers + Specialty Retailers - Consider avenues to engage retail partners in the campaign (Green window / Sale + Promotion / POS Information).
  3. Brands We Love - Ask the brands you love to share the campaign on their social media channels.
  4. Develop Corporate Account Incentive - Peter Millar develops special incentive for CFL corporate partners to become corporate accounts for Peter Millar.
  5. Utilize Media Placement - Craft and place paid digital media messaging to promote the campaign.
  6. Collegiate Line Promotion - Develop a campaign where each school has a certain code. The winning school receives a literacy donation to the organization of their choice and is featured on CFL and Peter Millar communication channels recognizing their achievements.
  7. Pitch For CFL Collegiate Partner Coaching Staffs - Create pitch for CFL to share with CFL partner staffs about wearing Peter Millar as their official recruiting gear.
What will Coaching for Literacy provide?

Campaign Deliverables: Coaching for Literacy

Website + Digital Promotion

  1. Splash Page - Coaching for Literacy will develop and implement a splash page on its website featuring Peter Millar for the duration of the campaign.
  2. CTA - The splash page will highlight the partnership and include a call to action/link to purchase from to support CFL.
  3. Partnership Page - CFL will also establish a dedicated Peter Millar partnership landing page on its website that explains how Peter Millar is helping the Fight for Literacy.
  4. Digital Coupon / Promotion Code - Coaching for Literacy utilizes a digital coupon / promotional code (Recommend “Fight4Literacy”) to incentivize customers to purchase merchandise on Peter Millar’s website.

Employee / Customer Engagement + Education

  1. Point of Purchase - Provide signage and fact sheet for use of Peter Millar sales associates in Peter Millar retail stores (signage is informational and not a “donation ask” at point of sale.
  2. Internal Communication - Share email to educate Peter Millar employees and retailers about Peter Millar’s partnership with CFL.
  3. Customer Education - Place CFL thank-you kit in order fulfillments to reinforce partnership and to educate and inform customers of the impact they are making on literacy efforts.
  4. Customer Engagement - Give customers the opportunity to make an additional donation to CFL at the checkout page.

* Note: The above assets will be created by CFL. Peter Millar's role is to approve each asset and distribute.

Social Media Support

  1. Coaching for Literacy Accounts - CFL will develop and publish 4-5 posts per week on the organization’s proprietary social platforms and place the partnership info with Peter Millar’s social media handles in all CFL's social media profiles beginning on August 1 for campaign promotion and ending on October 1.
  2. Peter Millar Content - Coaching for Literacy will develop social media content for Peter Millar’s use throughout August and September on all channels. This includes content for one or more social posts per week.

Use of CFL Brand Ambassador(s)

  1. Leverage Partnerships with Coaches - Select five coaches on the current CFL roster and request their participation in a social media campaign where they are wearing Peter Millar lifestyle pieces and promoting the campaign with branded content pushed out via their personal social and digital channels.
  2. Social Media - These coaches (minimum of five) will each commit to make at least three (3) posts regarding the Peter Millar/CFL initiative on their Twitter profiles during September. CFL to provide approved copy.
  3. Develop Network of Sports Personalities to Amplify Partnership Message - Contact radio hosts, journalists, and additional brand influencers (minimum of 20) with a selected geographic profile and large audience platforms and request that they promote the campaign during September. CFL will provide talking points highlighting Peter Millar partnership and engagement opportunities.
  4. Gary Parrish - National columnist and television analyst for CBS Sports and host of “The Gary Parrish Show” ESPN 92.9 FM. Gary has a very engaged social following: 149,000 Twitter followers and 13,097 Facebook page followers.
  5. GP Radio - Coverage of the CFL + Peter Millar partnership during one dedicated segment of the Gary Parrish Show where a Peter Millar executive will call in to discuss the partnership. Gary will also mention the partnership at least three times per week on the Gary Parrish radio show during September.
  6. GP Social Media - Eight total social posts from Gary Parrish [Facebook (4) and Twitter (4)] during September.

Email Support

  1. Campaign Support - Encourage CFL database to support campaign via a focused email campaign that will begin at the end of August and continue until the beginning of September. These emails would feature the Peter Millar/CFL digital coupon.
  2. Corporate Partners - Share information with CFL corporate partners and request they email the information to their employees.

PR Support

  1. Press Release - Press releases will be developed and distributed to national and regional media outlets, bloggers, literacy organizations, board members and sports partners.
  2. Television - CFL will promote the campaign on 3-4 local Memphis and Raleigh news segments.

Impact Communication

  1. Video - CFL will develop and produce three, 30-second videos for the campaign. Two of the videos will be used during the campaign to provide a narrative, human face, and authenticity to the campaign. The final video will serve as a “thank-you” video for everyone’s participation during the campaign. These will be given to Peter Millar for their use across all digital platforms.
  2. Impact Report - CFL will provide detailed summary of funds raised, funds allocated and literacy programs impacted that can be used via press release, email, and social media.
  3. Campaign Results - CFL will develop copy content to be used by Peter Millar to highlight campaign results to message to employees, customers, and partners.

Campaign Support

  1. Partnership Resource Page Portal - Coaching for Literacy will provide a password protected partnership resource portal for the execution of this campaign.
What is our story?

Collaborate: Brand Script

In every good story, a hero faces a difficult problem. A guide then enters stage left and gives the hero a plan to rise above his or her problem and find a happy ending. The hero uses the plan and walks the tightrope of success or failure. Like a perfect recipe, these elements blend together to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats waiting for the culmination: will the hero prevail?

“Your brand is not the hero, your customer is.” - Donald Miller, Story Brand
What are our next steps?

Next Steps: Scope and Timeline

  • Assign Point of Contact (Peter Millar) - Appoint a direct point of contact to manage the campaign.
  • Finalize Campaign Story (Peter Millar + CFL)
  • Proposal Review + Scope Decision (Peter Millar) - Approve or decline deliverable items in Coaching for Literacy proposal.
  • Pricing (CFL) - Coaching for Literacy will provide itemized price structure for each deliverable item selected by Peter Millar.
  • Final Execution Document - Peter Millar reviews pricing structure and makes final decision on deliverable items and financial commitment.
We are believers in a brighter future.

Thanks: You Are Movement Starters

On behalf of the millions of children in America struggling with illiteracy, we thank you. We believe that each and every person is born with equal dignity and that literacy is an expression of that worth. We are grateful Peter Millar is leading the way to promote literacy and advocating for the worth of every human being. Your involvement in this project will create a ripple effect that will enable young people to read, giving them the ability to write their own story and define their own future. Our work together will change thousands of lives.

Fight for Literacy,

The Team at Coaching for Literacy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

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