Mislabeled Goods Chris H

Similac Advance Organic Infant Formula- A lawsuit was filed against Similac Advance Organic Infant Formula due to it not being organic. "The lawsuit stated that 26 of the 49 ingredients... are not allowed in organic foods. The reasoning behind using non organic is to make it cheaper to beat the price of the other types of organic formulas.
2. "Atlantic Salmon"- This product is considered to be mislabeled due to there is no true wild salmon because salmon spend half of their life in hatchery in which does not allow salmon to be classified as "wild".
3. Lucini, Trader Joes, Colavita, and California olive ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil- These products are considered to be mislabeled due to not only was this product not imported from Spain or Italy like advertised but also in some cases the Extra Virgin Olive Oil was diluted down with other ingredients such as cheaper oils.
4. Japanese/ Chinese star anise Saffron- This product is considered to be mislabeled due to being made with tumeric, poppy petals, gypsum, and sandalwood dye. On top of that this product was found to be diluted down with lead in which is found to be harmful to consume.
5. California raw Almonds- This product is considered to be mislabeled due to the almonds were labeled as raw in which is impossible due to almonds are Pasteurization by irradiation, ultra high heat, steam or chemical sterilization is required for all domestically grown almonds. These processes damage the enzymes, fatty acids and integrity of the almonds making them not raw.
6. Vermont maple sugar (Maple Syrup)- This product is considered to be mislabeled due to Many syrups labeled to be maple syrup don't actually contain any maple syrup at all. The products that are mislabeled actually contain no maple syrup, only a bunch of sugars, sweeteners and flavorings not maple.
7. Cruller Bakery Pastries- This product is considered to be mislabeled because the consumers were not informed of the milk inside of the pastries. There are people with milk allergies in which requires that to be labeled. All of the mislabeled pastries were recalled.
8. Nature Valley Granola Bars- removed the world “natural” because of the four lawsuits filed claiming the naturalness when in fact, the product contained highly-processed, genetically modified ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, high maltose corn syrup, and maltodextrin.
Smirnoff Vodka- This product is considered to be mislabeled because of the extra ingredients added to it. It is not unusual to see alcohol tampered with but in a recent case in 2012 vodka was tampered with by adding many harmful ingredients such as anti freeze.
10. Tropicana Orange juice- Orange juice is considered to be to be one of the FFD's most commonly reported mislabeled product due to it not being pure orange juice instead it has been found to be tampered with by adding ingredients such as potassium sulfate, corn sugar, and ascorbic acid to enhance the flavor of the drink.


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